5 Different Perms for Men Hair


If you are thinking of getting a men’s perm, you need to know what is available to you. But you should also know what to avoid when getting a perm. Our passionate hair stylist experts are award winning in their ability to provide advice on styles, cuts, and hair texture support for men.

We work with you to determine your perm goals and understand your current hair situation. That’s why we are the top rated hair and beauty salon in the North North Bethesda, MD area! So, if you are looking to get a perm, here is what you should know about the different types and treatment recommendations:

5 Different Men’s Perms

The big difference between the perm itself is the type of wrap you use. This will affect the size, length, and volume of your hair. Ask your stylist for recommendations of hair volume treatment for men specifically because of the unique haircut and coloring you might already have.

1. Spiral Perm

With a spiral perm, our stylist will place a rod into your hair in a vertical alignment. We use smaller sections which means more perm rods. This is what the classic corkscrew style comes from. Of course, we will use a certain size of rod depending on the length of your hair and your plan going forward to get the right amount of curl.

2. Body Wave

This style uses larger rods. This still lets a loose curl pattern take place. We often use this technique and style when men are wanting more movement with a large, soft curl. You can think of it as the classic surfer or ‘beach’ curl. The one potential downside of this is that it doesn’t tend to last as long as other perms.

3. Spot Perm

We know our clients don’t always want curls everywhere. That is when a spot perm is the perfect solution. Everyone’s hair is different. You might find that different areas of your hair are more or less curly than others. Thus, we can adjust to match the texture. Or you might just have a spot perm on the roots to give more volume in general.

4. Pin Curl Perm

The pin curl pin can give you plenty of bounce. If you like movement in your hair, it’s a fun pattern that works well with short men’s styles.

5. Textured Perm

Sometimes, having a variety of hair length, volume, and texture is more aesthetically pleasing than everything being the same. Our model pictured earlier in this post is a perfect example of how great a men’s perm can look with an undercut combination. Our experts can help you explore different cut and styling combinations to your heart’s content!

Before Getting a Perm

There are some things you should be aware of before getting a perm. The first is to keep in mind that previous hair treatments can have an effective on the moisture and damage of your hair.

Highlights are one something that can have lingering effects. If there was a previous color within the last year or two, it might still be in your hair. This means that the damage done from perms can add to it. It increases the likelihood of breakage. Many of our customers forget that they had multiple colors in the recent past and that these color chemicals don’t disappear for a few years.

If your hair is already dry or damaged, then a perm is also something that will contribute to that. You may want to see our stylist for recommendations on strengthening your hair with treatments and daily conditioners first and build up to your perm when your hair is more ready. It’s always fun to have a new hairstyle, but it’s also better to be safe rather than sorry when it comes to one of your most prominent features.

Caring for Your Perm

Our stylists can recommend hair texture support for men and also hair volume treatment for men. This will depend on the current state of your hair and the style you get with us.

In addition to treating it with the right solutions, there are certain “no-no’s” to avoid after getting a perm. The first is to wait 2 days after getting your perm to get your hair wet. This includes rain or showers. It can cause frizz and even ruin your perm.

Also, keep away from high heat. Flat irons and blow dryers damage hair enough as it is. But you will really combine the downsides if you have just gotten a perm. Your hair needs to recover a bit from being brittle and prone to breakage. Double dryness never helped anyone’s hair!

When styling your hair, leave it down as much as possible. You don’t want physical pressure from ties, clips, hats, sunglasses or anything that will press against it or ‘pinch’ it. This will permanently affect your perm for the lifetime of the effects — up to 6 months in some cases.

There are silk scarves you can use to put your hair up in an emergency. But in general we recommend planning your schedule to have ‘down time’ where you won’t need to break these rules above due to work, social life, or anything else like weather surprises.

Your stylist will probably remind you that using sodium chloride is a bad idea, but don’t use any products that contain it. It causes damage and dries your hair. And speaking of damage, it’s a good idea to get a haircut at the same time as your perm so you have fresh ends that won’t split as easily.

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