5 Reasons Why Our Customers Choose Hair Extensions from David’s Beautiful People


Have you been hearing about all of the benefits of getting hair extensions or just considering trying them out at your next hair appointment?

David’s Beautiful People in North North Bethesda offers a top-quality experience for our hair extensions customers that outperforms all of the other hair salons in our area. David’s was the first to bring human hair extensions to the East Coast with a process developed in London and adopted by David’s expert stylists. Our stylists also train stylists across the country in this European technique of hair extension.

Human hair extensions at David’s are a healthy and safe way to make non-permanent changes to your hair, and we can lengthen, thicken, and color your hair in as little as one hour. Here’s some of the top reasons why customers love our hair extensions at David’s in North North Bethesda.

5 Reasons to Get Hair Extensions at Your Next Appointment

1. Lengthen your hair.

Lengthening your hair is probably the top reason why clients at David’s in North North Bethesda choose hair extensions. Whether you want to lengthen your hair for a short period of time just to try it out or want to go all out for a special occasion like a wedding, the stylists at David’s would love to help you lengthen your hair with our hair extension services.

We offer both human and synthetic hair extensions to fit whatever needs and desires you have for your hair extensions. And if you need help choosing the length, one of our friendly stylists will help you! Hair extensions are a fun way to try out different hair lengths to see what you like best.

2. Add thickness to your hair.

Another great benefit of getting hair extensions for any of our clients at David’s is adding thickness to their hair. Whether you have naturally thin hair, are suffering from hair thinning due to a medical condition, or just want to have thick, luxurious hair, hair extensions at David’s are a great way to add volume to your already beautiful locks. We know you’ll love the look and feel of the thick hair that hair extensions at David’s give you.

3. A wide range of hair extensions to fit every need.

At David’s in North North Bethesda, we want to please all of our customers and the various types of needs each client has. We have a plethora of hair extensions options for every desire, budget, and occasion, and a stylist can help you choose which type is right for you, if you’d like.

As mentioned before, we have both natural and synthetic hair extensions. Our clients also get to choose from hot bond (loose hair) extensions, premium reusable links, individual extensions, sandwich weft extensions, and Hairdreams Quikkies. Each has its own benefits and pricing to fit your needs. Ask a David’s stylist for more information about each of the types we have available, before or during your appointment.

4. They are cared for just like natural hair.

Our clients love that all of our hair extensions can be cared for just like natural hair. There are no extra maintenance needs. Wash, dry, and style your hair extensions as you would your own hair.

We even cut, style, and color them during your appointment at David’s just like natural hair. Don’t think that hair extensions will keep you from any look and style. We can cut, color, and style them in any way you’d like, and you can have a natural look for months to come.

5. There is no glues, waxes, plaiting, sewing, pills, or procedures.

Unlike many other salons in the North North Bethesda and surrounding areas, David’s Beautiful People’s hair extensions require no glue, waxing, plaiting, or sewing. This can be an uncomfortable experience for hair extensions customers, and the hair extensions can feel very unnatural. Our very natural process makes your hair extensions seamlessly combine with your natural hair that looks and feels great.

Hair extensions also eliminate the need for hair growing pills that take weeks or months to work or make a difference, if ever. There is no waiting around for thicker, longer natural-looking hair. Plus, there are no painful procedures involved. Hair extensions at David’s are a win-win for our clients with a pain-free, enjoyable process.

How a Hair Extension Appointment Works at David’s

When you’re considering getting hair extensions at David’s Beautiful People, you’re probably wondering how the process works. Our hair extensions appointments can take as little as one hour, and you will be with one of our highly-trained, expert stylists. They will first learn about your needs and desires for your look, then implement the right extensions type for you. The appointment will continue like a regular appointment by washing, cutting, coloring, and styling your hair to your desire.

At the end of the appointment, they will set your next appointment for replacements, if desired, depending on the type of extensions you got. As a note, our hair extension appointments require a $200 deposit that will be deducted from your ticket total at the end of your appointment. We also require 72 hours notice to cancel to avoid forfeiting your deposit.

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We’d love to help you get the look you want with hair extensions, and our area-renowned stylists are ready to get started at your convenience. Let us help answer any questions you might have by calling 301-881-2540, dropping by our salon, or contacting us through our website anytime! We look forward to helping you every step of the way.

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