5 Ways to Protect Your Hair This Winter

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Winter is infamous for damaging and drying out your skin, and unfortunately, it can have the same negative effects on your hair. Luckily, there are things you can do to save your hair from the cold, dry air and sport healthy hair all year long.

Looking for some hair care inspo to help get you started? You’ve come to the right place! Here are five ways to protect your hair, provided by our North Bethesda hair salon, David’s Beautiful People.

#1 – Wear a Winter Hat

Winter hats aren’t just for staying warm or adding a fashionable accessory to your outfit – they also serve as a great way to protect your hair from cold temperatures and other outdoor elements. Wearing a winter hat or beanie is an effective way to keep your hair healthy, but it’s important that you don’t overdo it.

Wearing a hat too often or one that fits too tight can actually do more harm than good. Opt for a hat made of natural fibers, keep your hair well moisturized, and let your scalp breathe from time to time. You can also work to prevent the effects of hat hair by wrapping your hair in a silk scarf before putting your hat on.

#2 – Use Natural Oils

Oily hair may sound like something you want to avoid, but natural oils can do wonders for your hair in the winter. Oils, like almond or olive oil, can prevent your hair from drying out and help retain moisture. Just apply them to your hair before washing with shampoo to keep your hair safe from the dangers of winter weather. Consider a professional hair care product from our hair salon in North Bethesda; ask your stylist for a recommendation.

#3 – Don’t Wash as Often

Washing your hair too often in the winter can strip moisture and natural oils from your hair when it’s already at its weakest. To keep your hair in its best condition and avoid extra dryness, wash it with shampoo only two or three times a week. If your hair is on the oily side, use a dry shampoo from our North Bethesda salon to keep your hair looking clean and oil-free.

When it does come time to wash, use lukewarm water to prevent damage. It’s also important to make sure your hair is completely dry before you go outside. Cold air can be extremely harmful to wet hair and cause split ends, so you’ll want to do all you can to keep your hair healthy.

#4 – Use a Hair Mask

Though hair masks are beneficial year round, they can be especially useful during the winter months. Not only do they keep your hair hydrated, but they also help reduce frizz and breakage. Trust us – incorporating this extra step into your hair care routine will be well worth it when your hair is shinier and softer than ever.

At our North Bethesda hair salon, you’ll find a vast selection of hair care products, including a variety of hair masks. If you aren’t sure which product is best for your hair type, one of our knowledgeable stylists can recommend one for you.

#5 – Don’t Use Heat

As difficult as it may be to avoid heat styling tools, you may want to consider taking a break from your blow dryer, straightener, and curling iron in the winter. Using heat on your hair is damaging enough, and when cold, dry weather is brought into the mix, this puts your hair at an even higher risk of damage and breakage.

Instead, allow your hair to air dry whenever you can or experiment with braids to style your hair without using heat. Doing so can help your hair stay healthy all winter long.

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