6 Easy At-Home Remedies For Hair Growth


Why a Hair Salon Is the Key to Thicker Hair

Do you miss being able to serve serious looks with a thick and full head of hair? Thinning hair is no joke. That’s why we’ve got the top 6 secrets for at-home hair care to help your mane reach great lengths. We’ll tell you the biggest secret right now – a hair salon near you has the solution to your thinning hair.

Why Do I Have Thin Hair, Anyway?

Thinning hair and hair loss occur for many reasons. However, you can most likely thank your family for your thinning hair, because genetics are the most common reason for hair loss. You might better know this condition as male-pattern or female-pattern baldness.

Keep in mind, things like stress, medications, tight braids, and hormonal conditions can have a tremendous impact on your hair. The only way to truly know the cause of your hair loss or thin hair is by seeking the advice of a hair salon.

Before I Head to My Hair Salon – Tell Me How I Can Make My Hair Grow Faster

Hair loss and thin hair are a big deal. So, when you notice a difference in the mirror, all you want to do is get your hair back. Unfortunately, there’s no quick-fix on how to make your hair grow ultra-fast overnight, but you can try these home remedies for growing your hair faster at home. Just make sure you have realistic expectations with at-home hair restoration.

1. The First Step Is Giving Your Scalp Some TLC

Hair growth starts at your scalp, so it’s essential to give it special care. Scalp massage is a great addition to your daily routine. It increases blood flow to your scalp, strengthens your hair root, and supplies your hair with nutrients. Get an elevated scalp massage by adding a few drops of rosemary oil to your favorite leave-in conditioner, or by visiting a hair stylist near you for a professional shampoo and scalp massage.

2. Stop Buying Store-Bought Supplements

There has been a lot of research that shows store-bought supplements do little to improve your appearance and health. That’s because your body processes them before any nutrients make it into your bloodstream. The only way to get the vitamins and minerals you need to grow stronger, longer hair to impress your hair stylist is by consuming a well-balanced diet that’s rich in healthy fats like omega 3s. Your hair requires omega-3 fatty acids to stay healthy, but your body can’t produce them on its own. So, it’s important you include foods like walnuts, tuna, and flaxseed.

3. Skip the Straightener and the Blow Dryer

It’s no secret that using heated styling tools like curling irons, blow dryers, and straighteners damage your hair by making it dry and brittle, which leads to unbearable breakage. Let your hair air-dry and leave the hot tools unplugged. While you’re at it, turn down the temp on your showers too. Many hair salons feature treatments that offer lasting results. Talk to a salon near you that performs keratin treatments and perms, so you can finally ditch the flat iron.

4. Get to a Hair Salon Near You With High-Quality Products

Don’t just pick the best smelling shampoo and conditioner on the shelf, because products that are full of fragrances and harsh chemicals destroy your hair. Talk to your hair stylist about salon products made for your hair texture. In order to let your hair nourish itself with natural oils, limit how often you wash and condition your hair. Not only are these oils important for your hair, they’re essential for keeping your scalp moisturized, too.

5. Give Your Hair a Break by Cutting Out Smoking

Everyone knows smoking is bad for your health, but did you know it’s also terrible for your hair? Smoking has been shown to damage your hair follicles, because it restricts blood flow to your scalp and increases your body’s production of free radicals. It also causes changes in hormone levels and increases inflammation, which can cause your hair to thin prematurely.

6. Ask Your Hair Stylist About the Right Hair Brush

When you’re in a rush, it’s easy to rip through your hair with the first brush or comb you find. If you aren’t gentle with your hair while brushing it, you might end up breaking, splitting, or pulling out your hair, which is the opposite of making your hair grow quickly. Always use a wide-tooth comb or paddle brush to detangle your hair. However, the best way to get rid of tangles and knots in your locks is by using your fingers to comb through your hair.

What Should I Do If Nothing At Home Works?

If you’ve tried everything to get fuller, thicker hair, and have had no results, find a hair salon in North Bethesda that is certified in Evolve hair solutions. This is a non-invasive, lasting option for gorgeous hair that looks and acts naturally. It works by using a semi-permanent hairpiece that can be styled and washed like your real hair. Even better, it lasts for a month before you have to return to your hair salon to maintain your results.

This option comes in three different textures, and over 40 different shades. This system is for people with a considerable amount of hair loss, and can only be performed by a certified hair stylist.

Where Can I Find a Hair Salon Near Me Certified in Evolve Hair Solutions?

At David’s Beautiful People, our hair stylists can give you a life-changing look with Evolve! Our experts are certified in Evolve hair solutions and can customize a system that can provide limitless options in styling your hair.

Not to mention, you can have a beautiful head of hair without painful surgery or annoying sprays. Are you ready to learn more about this revolutionary solution for hair loss? Then schedule a consultation at David’s Beautiful People by calling (301) 881-2540 or contacting us online. We can’t wait to help you have a salon experience unlike any other!