9 Trendy Spring Hair Cut & Style Services at North Bethesda’s David’s Beautiful People


Are you bored with your current hairstyle? Are you due for a hair cut, and are you ready to get a new hair style?

In 2018, we’re seeing a wide range of styles and cuts, and spring is a great time to try out a new look. We’ve seen many styles and cuts go in and out of style over the last year. Hair cut and styles for 2018 seem to be very different, and on opposite spectrums. You have the choice to either go bold or rock your natural tone. Or you can do both, of course, depending on how you feel and what you’re wearing.

When you’re ready to expand your hair cut and style horizons, check out these 2018 hair cuts and styles that might suit your fancy.

9 Trendy Spring Hair Cut & Styles at David’s in North Bethesda

1. Dirty blonde

Dirty blonde is in this spring. And when we say dirty blonde, we mean all different types of dirty blonde. Whether you’ve gone blonde and still have natural roots showing, or you’re coloring your hair to have a dirty blonde color – it’s all in style in spring 2018. Let us help you rock it at David’s in North Bethesda, MD.

2. All-natural

All natural has been making a comeback recently, and it’s in full-force this spring in the hair cut and style trends. Whatever natural means to you, it’s time to rock it. If you’ve got curly hair, it’s trending to make them stand out, bouncy and big, or even brush them out.

It’s all about having a relaxed vibe, even if you did do some work on it. Go with a center part, and take less time using your wand or straightening iron. Highlight the quirks of your hair, no matter what your natural hair is like.

3. Silver and cool tone color

Cool tones and silvers are staying strong in style for hair color. We’ve seen this really take off in the last year, and this spring, it’s more popular than ever. If you love dyeing your hair different colors and you have yet to try a silver or cool tone, David’s in North Bethesda, MD would love to help you achieve this edgy, cool look.

4. Bold bangs

Bold bangs are in this spring. Go bold with a straight cut or mostly straight with a little bit of choppiness in the center, and you’re on trend. Bangs are a great way to make a statement, so dare to make a statement with your bangs this spring.

5. Heavy textured bangs

On the opposite end of the spectrum, heavy textured bangs are in style this spring. The key here? Lots of movement and a very natural appearance. Think messy, layered and shaggy. All the layers. David’s in North Bethesda, MD will help you get the natural texture look that helps you be subtly bold with a natural flair. Curtain fringe is the top trend in heavy textured bangs, and this classic look is here to stay.

6. Short cuts

It’s starting to get warm out, so you bet that short cuts are in trend this spring in hair cuts and styles. Bobs are back, but they never really left. They are more here than ever. Whether you want to go very short or just want a jaw length chop, you’re on trend this spring with a cute bob. Find out what will look best on you at David’s in North Bethesda.

7. Low maintenance

Low maintenance with a bit of flair is on trend this spring. What do we mean by this? Braids, barrettes, bows, and more. Put a braid here and there in your hair style for the night, or do a full-on braid with a bow. Add a turban or bold headband to show off your unique style. Or just add a simple, outfit-matching ribbon. The great news about this? Low maintenance means you’re spending less time getting ready and more time enjoying your time out. Don’t overthink it – just keep it simple and classic.

8. Pastels

Pastel colors are in this spring, and it’s not because of Easter. Pastel color is a great way to stand out without being too bold. Subtly stand out with shades of pinks, blues and other light hues. These colors are no longer for people trying to be edgy – they are glamorous and trendy, now. Your hair style will always be fun with a great pastel color, and our expert stylists can help you get the perfect hue for your skin tone and vibe at David’s in North Bethesda, MD.

9. Sleek and straight

Sleek and straight is in this spring, so get your old straightening iron back out. But this time, keep your part natural – in the middle. Add some volume at the top, and even look into getting extensions for a sleek glow. Extensions are a fun thing to try, since they are not permanent. You can get them for a night or for a short period of time. Who knows, you might love them, and you don’t have to wait months for long hair.

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