‘90s Comeback at a Hair Salon Near You: Layers and Contouring

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Give ‘90s Hair Trends a Go at David’s Beautiful People in North North Bethesda

Have you ever wished you lived in the ‘90s? Although you can’t time travel, you can replicate trends and styles from your era of choice.

Recreating haircuts and styles from the ‘90s can instantly take you back and give you an amazing new look at the same time. Get a brand-new cut at a North Bethesda hair salon near you that will turn heads and give a sense of nostalgia.

Trending ‘90s Haircuts and Styles

Whether we like it or not, history repeats itself. Thanks to current celebrities and influencers, many customers are now asking hair stylists for various ‘90s-inspired haircuts and styles. Here’s what to look out for at hair salons near you as summer comes into full swing.

Ask Your Hairstylist for Layers

Layering is when some parts of your hair are cut shorter than others. There are many different layering styles out there to help elevate your hair type and complement your face shape. Most people can pull off layers, and depending on the length and thickness of your hair, you can find a layering style to rock.

Your hair length impacts how you layer. Because shorter cuts don’t really have a base length, they are largely dependent on layers. Shoulder-length is optimal for layers because a triangular shape forms the illusion of a slimmer face.

Hair holds weight. Thick hair can sometimes feel heavy if it isn’t properly cut. Layering can lessen any bulk and weight that you might experience with thick hair. There’s more to work with, so layers can be easily added to any length of hair. Layering not only removes weight from your ends, but also gives your hair more movement.

However, you should be cautious with layering if you have thin hair. Cutting hair from the longest length may cause your hair to look sparse. A disconnected layer towards the top of your head can help add volume without taking from the ends.

Jennifer Aniston’s Friends haircut, nicknamed “The Rachel,” is well-known for its honey highlights and choppy layers. The modern take on “The Rachel” is more focused toward movement throughout the hair and a range of rich honey colors.

The pixie cut has made its way back to hair salons near you with its short, fierce look. This bold chop is the perfect way to frame a feminine face.

Inspired by Mariah Carey, layered ringlets are making a huge comeback in 2022. Natural and voluminous curls have made their way onto the list of trending haircuts and styles.

With its relaxed, effortless look, the ‘90s blowout craze is also back this year. It can easily be created with the right hair salon products and layering technique. Short, face-framing bangs will make your face the focal point. Additional layers throughout the hair will build additional volume.

Contouring at our North Bethesda Hair Salon

Hair contouring is a technique used to change the appearance of your face shape and create a personalized, unique look that brings out your natural features. It’s a great way to stand out from others and highlight your own beautiful qualities.

Contouring uses the reflection of both light and dark shades to add length. The conscious placement of color and tones can immediately make your face seem more defined and show off your features.

Some 1990s contouring styles are returning to today’s hair salons in their own way.

Face-framing chunky highlights are rapidly becoming popular – and you guessed it – they are influenced by retro hair trends. Motivated by the Spice Girls, this edgy trend involves dying your front pieces a brighter color to create a drastic contrast in your hair.

A variation of this is coloring the bottom layer of your hair with a lighter shade. Some trendsetters also dye the part of their hair closest to their scalp, executing a skunk stripe style.

The contouring style you choose depends on what you’re looking to achieve through your new do.

Dark hair color tones typically form shadows that can shorten and narrow out your face. On the other hand, lighter tones reflect light and instantly elongate your face. Hair contouring has the ability to enhance your facial structure, no matter what kind you have, when it’s done properly.

If your face is round, contouring can help lengthen and add definition. Accomplish a dramatic effect by strengthening the light tones and deepening the darker ones.

Softening angles and adding length with contouring can completely transform square face shapes. Dark shades should be added closer to your face, and highlights should be toward the outer area.

If you have a rectangular face, use dark tones on your roots at the bottom of your head to execute a balanced look. The light shades should be near your ears, with color blending at the ends.

Heart-shaped faces should decide between a sombré or ombré technique. The sombré technique uses muted lighting to support natural shading, whereas ombré involves a bolder gradient from dark to light shades. These techniques diminish your jaw shape and maintain the front.

Have you ever thought to yourself, “What salon near me can layer and contour my hair?” Search the web to find inspiration, and head to David’s Beautiful People to begin the transformation of a lifetime.

If you aren’t sure which hair cuts and styles will work best for you and your specific characteristics, don’t worry! Your hair stylist can use different traits, like your skin tone and face shape, to recommend a technique.

Our professional hair stylists have years of experience, so all types of hair are welcome. No matter what fad you want to follow, our North Bethesda hair salon can help.

A Hair Salon Near You That Can Do it All

Be a trendsetter. At our hair salon in North Bethesda, the hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People will help you achieve that 1990s inspired look you love.

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