A Guide to Recovering Your Hair at a Salon Near You

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How to Save Your Damaged Hair at Our North Bethesda Hair Salon

Damaged hair isn’t fun. Whether you’re experiencing broken hair from consistently coloring your hair, or styling it with heat, our North Bethesda hair salon can help. Follow this guide to restore your hair, and start your journey to healthy tresses.

Top Reasons for Damaged Hair

Hair damage can result from many different things and can happen to anyone. Identifying the root cause of the damage is a great first step on the road to protecting your hair.

Check out why your hair might be damaged – and how you can fix it.

At-Home Boxed Hair Dye. Whether you were looking for something to do in quarantine or wanted to try to hide a few gray hairs, chances are you’ve probably used at-home dye on your hair rather than going to a hair salon near you. What seems like a quick, easy solution can actually come with lasting consequences.

These chemical dyes are extremely damaging to your hair because they strip its natural moisture and can negatively affect its texture.

Solution: Visiting a hair stylist at a hair salon near you is best if you want to apply dye to your hair. Not only are they experts, but they have access to all the salon hair products that are difficult to find elsewhere.

Although some North Bethesda hair salons may be costly, the hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People provide quality work for a great price. No need to search “hair salon near me;” just come see us!

Dyeing your hair less frequently also can help slow down damage. Waiting at least eight weeks can do wonders for your hair. As you patiently wait for your appointment, wash your hair less often, use shampoo specially for dyed hair, and shower in cool water.

Bleach. Like dye, bleach is also detrimental to your hair’s health. It leaves your hair feeling brittle and makes it extremely breakable. Hair stylists often use bleach to remove your hair’s natural color and give you your desired color instead.

So, how does it work? The bleach swells your hair to reach the inner hair strand. Then, it breaks down melanin, which gives your hair pigment.

If you’re transitioning from darker to lighter hair, and want it to look good, you’ll most likely need bleach to get rid of the dark color. Some hair salon products can work to strengthen your hair after using bleach, but there isn’t a lot a hair stylist can do to avoid its permanent damage.

Solution: The simplest solution to bleach is to refrain from using it as much as possible, if at all. Although hair damage is inevitable with bleach, the less you use it, the better your hair will look and feel.

Luckily, you can plan accordingly. Moisturizing with hair salon products and withholding from using heat on your hair prior to your appointment can support healthy hair.

You can also go natural. As in, stop treating your hair and embrace its natural shade.

Professionally Highlighting Your Hair. If you want to mimic that sunkissed look for summer, you might think highlighting your hair is an easy solution. But this can actually come with consequences.

Hair coloring alters the inner structure of your hair, instantly making it drier. The effects of this process might be worse if you frequently color your hair to keep up with your quickly-growing roots or gray hair.

Solution: Fortunately, there are still ways to preserve your hair and keep it the color you want. Conditioning hair salon products can balance out harsh chemicals that come with coloring.

If you love coloring your hair, you can also try various hair cuts and styles that don’t require much maintenance. Balayage is a good option if you want color, but don’t want to consistently have to keep up with it. To maintain your hair health, it’s best to see a professional rather than trying to do it yourself.

Styling With Heat. We get it. It’s difficult to steer clear from using heat on your hair. Many salon hair products, like straighteners and curling wands, have made their way into your morning routine. Even blow-drying your hair can increase your risk of damage.

Think of it like an oven. Temperatures exceeding 300 degrees can change your hair’s keratin strands, which are proteins found in your hair. Heat “cooks” your hair’s fibers, weakening these strands.

Solution: Don’t throw away your blow dryer just yet. Even if you use heat on your hair everyday, there are ways to protect it. Keeping your dryer about six inches away from your hair and constantly moving it can lessen damage.

Your stylist can recommend salon hair products that are meant to protect your hair from heat. These products also prevent split ends, which are a huge part of hair damage.

If time allows, you can also let your hair air dry. This eliminates heat altogether, so it is your best option if your hair damage is severe.

Rescue Your Hair at a Hair Salon Near You

Now is the perfect time to begin your quest for healthy hair. David’s Beautiful People, our North Bethesda hair salon, has experts that have mastered all types of hair cuts and styles.

Don’t wait! Book an appointment with one of our hair stylists to transform your hair.