Ask Your Hair Stylist Near You About These 10 TikTok Hair Trends

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Recreate These Cuts and Styles Next Time You Head to the Salon

It’s no secret that some of today’s hottest trends started on TikTok, and you may look to your favorite influencer’s account for some inspiration every time you’re looking to change things up. Trying to hunt down and sort through what styles are currently trending can be time-consuming, and you may feel tempted to just stick to your usual cut at your next appointment. Don’t give up just yet! In this guide, we’ve compiled the best TikTok trends to try out at a salon near you.

#1 – Curtain Bangs

Every TikToker has had a haircut with curtain bangs at one point or another, and we predict it won’t be going out of style anytime soon. The debut of curtain bangs was in the ‘60s and ‘70s, but history is known to repeat itself. For this iconic cut, the hair is parted down the middle and the bangs – usually cut short – are swept to each side, resembling curtains in front of a window.

Curtain bangs complement every face shape, as they work to contour the face. This style is also a great way to incorporate movement into your hair, regardless of its length.

#2 – Shaggy Wolf Cut

Looking for more volume and a tousled look? Ask your hair stylist near you about the shaggy wolf cut. This style is an elevated version of the wolf cut and can provide even the thinnest hair with added texture and volume.

Achieve this look with short, shaggy layers throughout the hair and a heavier bang to frame the face. You’ll instantly notice more shape within the hair when you give this transition-worthy cut a try.

#3 – Bubble Braids

Bubble braids are all over TikTok, and this is a fun look to try out next time you’re searching for a new way to style your hair. This trend uses elastics to create bubble-like sections in the hair. You’ll want to use small, clear elastics for a clean, polished effect.

Start with a middle part. Divide the hair in two halves and gather a section from the top into an elastic. Secure it, and place another elastic just a few inches behind it. Gently pull and fan the hair to create a round bubble shape. Repeat down the rest of the ponytail, and do the same to the other side. Use hairspray to hold the braids in place.

#4 – Long Bob

Long bobs have made their way into some of the best hair salons near you. Often referred to as a lob, this take on the traditional bob is perfect for anyone wanting to experiment with short hair. Rather than cutting the hair in between your ears and chin, a long bob extends anywhere between your chin and shoulders.

This cut is incredibly versatile. Try adding layers, bangs, or blunt ends. You can wear it wavy for a casual look, or straighten it for something a bit more sophisticated.

#5 – Bottleneck Bangs

Bangs are back, and this cut is one you’ll definitely want to try. These wispy bangs brush across your eyelashes and are cut at an angle to frame the face. The name of this cut is coined after its shape – short at the bottom, gradually getting longer around the eyes.

Bottleneck bangs are easy to style and maintain, making them a great option if you’re looking to change up your hair.

#6 – Slicked Back Bun

The slicked back bun has taken over TikTok – and for good reason. This simple hairstyle can be done in just five minutes, and takes every outfit up a notch.

All you need is a boar bristle brush, a hair wax stick, and an elastic. Part your hair in the middle, and begin by swiping the wax stick on each side of your head in a front-to-back motion. Use your fingers to help guide the hair towards the back of your head. Once the front is completely slicked back, use the brush to smooth out the hair and put it into a bun.

#7 – Hair Frosting

More and more stylists are starting to see hair frosting inside their beauty salons. This new take on highlights is not only stunning, but the perfect way to brighten up the hair as the weather begins to cool down.

The highlights are free-handed, instantly giving the hair a natural look. Additionally, the color is strategically placed in a way that doesn’t require much upkeep, making it a hassle-free style to sport this winter.

#8 – Chunky Highlights

All of the best hair stylists near you have mastered this classic ‘90s style. Chunky highlights are exactly what they sound like – big sections of hair highlighted to create a beautiful contrast against the natural hair color.

If you have prominent facial features, these highlights can accentuate your features and provide you with a beautiful new look. Consider asking for them next time you’re in the styling chair.

#9 – Half-Up Pigtails

Some trends just put a small twist on a classic style. In this case, we’re talking about pigtails. This childhood-favorite can be really sleek and sophisticated if done properly. Half-up pigtails add volume to the hair, and any hair length can rock ‘em.

This style is super quick and easy, making it a good option when you’re in a rush. Simply part your hair down the middle and take a section from the front of each side, leaving some of the hair down. Secure with a small, clear elastic.

#10 – Face-Framing Money Pieces

Face-framing money pieces are all the rage and a great way to change up your look. This technique not only makes a statement, but also adds dimension and brightness to your complexion.

Achieve this look by asking a hair stylist near you to highlight the front strands of your hair. A bigger contrast between your natural hair will give you a more dramatic look, while going with a color just a few shades lighter can provide you with something more subtle. This style suits just about anyone, and is a great way to add color to your hair while keeping your natural shade.

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