Ask Your Wedding Stylist for These Fall Hair Styles


If your fall wedding day is near, you might find yourself frantically searching for “bridal salons near me,” as you complete your search for the best bridal salon for your special day. After all, this will be a moment to remember forever. You want to ensure you know what your options are for bridal packages so that your hair, makeup, and overall look flow together perfectly.

At David’s Beautiful People, we are proud to be named the Top Bridal Salon by Washingtonian Magazine. We hand select the best stylists, colorists, and other beauty experts to join our team. Your unique lifestyle, facial features, hair type, and wants are taken into account to give you the best look possible. So visit us in North North Bethesda, MD and ask your wedding stylist for these fall hair styles:

Check Out Our Fall Wedding Hair Styles

The Tone Lift

As the summer fades and fall begins, your hair might be receiving less sunlight. That’s when you might want a tone lift to lighten the overall color. If you do this in the right stages, it will look stunning. Our experts build and reconstruct bonds so that your hair is lighter and stronger than before.

The Color Contour

A color contour is a great way to get contrast in your hair. With a contour by one of our color specialists, your hair’s beautiful colors can be seen by all of your guests and the photographer’s lenses on your special day.

Curly Hair Don’t Care

Sometimes, you just want to let your curls bounce and shine for the world to see. On your wedding day, a curly style can add great variation with a more simple themed dress or make-up package.

The Deva Curl

Our Deva cut is one of our most popular choices for brides. No matter what your unique look, hair type, or style is, we can help you have lively curls that add volume and movement to your hair.

Classic Flip

Elegant, classic, and beautiful. These are the words to describe the classic flip for your fall wedding. With the right technique, your hair will look shinier, stronger, and lighter than before. Our experts work with you to craft a final hairstyle that you deserve for your big event.

Silver Beauty

Cute, short, and chic. This cut is quickly becoming a favorite at our bridal salon. Ask us about our total bridal packages that include cutting, coloring, strengthening, and cosmetics. Our experts are here 7 days a week to help you look and feel fantastic for your wedding.

Blowout + Curl

This fall, let David’s Beautiful People hair salon provide you with a timeless blowout and curl style. We’ll make sure your color, shine, and shaping is just right so that your memories and photos will be the best you’ve ever had.

Color Glam

If glam is your style, then you’re in luck. One of our bridal packages includes this beautiful option, perfect for the fall wedding you’re planning. With the new season comes new colors, so enjoy a warm tone change and sheen that even the back row of your wedding guests can see.

Autumn Sun

Reds, golds, and browns are perfect hues to match the setting of a fall wedding in Maryland. Visit our bridal salon for this gorgeous cut, including proper techniques for strengthening your hair bonds and styling it into perfection.

Wedding Princess

One of our most popular bridal hair styles includes a combination of styling, coloring, and cosmetics. Our expert extensionists will lengthen your hair, while our colorists will add tone lifts and gradual lightening throughout. Finally, the elegant braiding around the back makes you feel and look like the wedding princess you are!

The Maiden Updo

Beautiful and modest, the maiden updo is a timeless style for brides. It’s the perfect fall hairstyle for your wedding if you want something that reveals more of the neckline and removes any worries of a windy day blowing it around. We also provide cosmetic packages as one of our bridal options. With a sophisticated look like this, every piece goes together to create your final look.

Sunlight Splash

If you plan on wearing your hair down and back, then you need the right cut to achieve that. Sometimes, it’s also necessary to have extensions in order to achieve the hair length you want.

We can help you do this, as well as color your hair with lightened layers that bring about an aura of sunlight and summer fun, even if your wedding is in the fall. This is also perfect for brides who have light hair color, but want better contrast and saturation so that the photographer can capture every bit of their wedding day glow!

Elegant Bride

One of our most requested styles for bridal packages gives you the best of both worlds for your fall wedding. As the wind picks up, it becomes a challenge to ensure your hair retains its style and hold. But when paired with a braid that lays against your hair, it creates a beautiful image while letting you take your mind off of readjusting your hair throughout the ceremony.

Updo Magic

Classic updos are beautiful, and David’s Beautiful People can help you with that style. However, as the most trusted bridal salon in the area, we have developed a unique wedding look that adds variety and complexity to your updo in a way that will leave you looking royally stunning.

Preparing for your big day is quite the challenge. You not only have to organize and plan the wedding venue, reception, menu items, and other aspects. You also want to look your absolute best. Luckily, David’s Beautiful People is more than a hair salon. We are the best bridal salon in North North Bethesda and our bridal packages are customized to your unique wedding, hair type, and preferences. Allow our friendly professionals to give you the look you deserve for your wedding day!

Call us for an appointment 7 days a week at 301-881-2540, or book online. We can’t wait to help you feel and look amazing!