How Can I Stop My Hair From Breaking?

hair breakage

The Answer From Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda May Surprise You If you’re one of the many people who want long, flowing locks, it can be really frustrating to feel like your hair is breaking when you wash or brush it. However, your hair might not actually be breaking. The real reason might actually shock […]

How Do I Choose the Best Hair Color for My Skin Tone?

locks of dyed hair

Our Hair Salon Near You Has the Scoop on Enhancing Your Glow With Hair Color Nothing enhances your natural beauty like a fresh color from the professionals at a hair salon near you. Even though the latest and greatest trends in color look super-cool, it’s important to choose the best hair color that brings out […]

Get Ready for Prom 2022 at Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda

Prom dance 2022

Top 10 Styles to Ask for in the Salon Chair There’s no better way to celebrate all your hard work during your Junior and Senior year than blowing off steam on the dance floor at prom. This year, go all out! After you’ve found the perfect dress, get hair to match. Check out these top […]

The Secret to Gorgeous Lashes From Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda

lash extensions

Why You Need to Take a Break From Your Mascara We can all agree that mascara is a staple in our cosmetic routine, but did you know daily use is actually terrible for your eyelashes? If you’re like most women, you simply can not leave the house without a bit of mascara – or can […]

Ask a Hair Salon Near You About These Trending Cuts

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How to Get a New Look Just in Time for Spring Winter is almost behind us, and spring is just around the corner. It’s time for fresh air and new hair! So, what haircuts and styles are in store for Spring 2022? Find out by looking at top 7 styles for spring and get ready […]

Thinking About Going Blonde at a Salon Near You?

blonde hair color

Read This First! You’ve heard it a ton of times before, you need to lighten up! No, not your beautiful personality – your hair! Lightening your hair can bring out your best features and warm up your skin tone. However, it can be quite a task and there are definite risks involved. Look at our […]

6 Easy At-Home Remedies For Hair Growth

Why a Hair Salon Is the Key to Thicker Hair Do you miss being able to serve serious looks with a thick and full head of hair? Thinning hair is no joke. That’s why we’ve got the top 6 secrets for at-home hair care to help your mane reach great lengths. We’ll tell you the […]

Top 3 Trends in Men’s Grooming to Ask Your Hairstylist About

Why Visiting a Salon Near You Is More Than Getting Your Usual Cut Are you tired of getting the same haircut over and over again? Then it’s time to visit your favorite hair salon in North Bethesda to update your look with the hottest trends in men’s hair and grooming. From custom cuts to getting fuller, […]

Wave “Goodbye” to Dry and Brittle Winter Hair!

How K18 Natural Hair Treatments are Here to Lock in Moisture and Save Your Hair Do you have hair that just refuses to be managed or are you fighting frizz every time it’s humid? If you’re ready to spend more time with shiny, soft hair and less timeapplying deep conditioning treatments that don’t work, then […]

What Does Your Sweetheart Want for Valentine’s Day?

Lashes, Balayage, and Salon Hair Products – Oh My! Are you looking for the perfect Valentine’s Day gift for someone who has everything? Ditch the greeting card and don’t bother with the flowers, because your significant other wants salon services. This Vday give your sweetheart (or yourself) gifts created by a hair salon that make […]