Hair Relaxers: What Are They and What Are Their Benefits?

We’ve all heard the phrase, “you don’t know what you’ve got until it’s gone.” But for many of us, we want what doesn’t come naturally to us – and this goes doubly for hairstyles. Folks with thin hair long for the looks of thick hair, those with straight hair often daydream about what it might […]

Fun Hair Coloring Ideas To Get Ready For Spring

There is more than one way to pay homage to spring, which is easily one of the most beautiful seasons in Maryland. Between our kite festival, Sakura Sunday (which celebrates the National Cherry Blossom Festival and Japanese heritage), and our many garden shows, there are plenty of things to do on the weekend that put […]

What You Should Know Before You Get Hair Extensions

Hair extensions have become increasingly popular over the past few decades, especially as technology has gotten better, and synthetic and natural hair extension options have become more natural-looking. Access to the lives of celebrities through platforms like Instagram and Twitter have also raised our awareness of hair extensions, which has meant that more and more […]

Disrupt Your Natural Haircolor With These Bold 2020 Trends

At some point when they were younger, every person wanted to change the way their hair color looked. Whether they wished to the gorgeous platinum blonde of surfer chicks and sun-kissed beach babes or the tousled, brightly-colored locks of punk rockers, it’s innate within us to want to change our looks to match our personality. […]

Guide to Textured Waves for Men’s Hair

David’s Beautiful people is more than a salon. We are a place where your hairstyle dreams can come true! We strive to ensure you leave feeling and looking better than ever before. For those living in North North Bethesda, MD and nearby, there is no better option to take your hair from drab to fab in […]

5 Different Perms for Men Hair

If you are thinking of getting a men’s perm, you need to know what is available to you. But you should also know what to avoid when getting a perm. Our passionate hair stylist experts are award winning in their ability to provide advice on styles, cuts, and hair texture support for men. We work […]

New Year, New You – 2020’s Hottest Looks and Styles

As you get older, the years seem to fly by. It always feels like you just got taxes done by the time Thanksgiving hits, and holidays are right around the corner and you have even more chores to take care of. When your life is dominated by routine – as many of ours are – […]

10 Holiday Hair Ideas For Every Type of Celebration

The holidays are coming again, and that means an endless stream of parties, family get-togethers, and outings. It can be exhilarating to get to see people you likely haven’t seen in almost a year. However, having to revamp your look continually can get old – and with holiday gift budgeting, you might not be able […]

Hair and Makeup Tips for The Holidays

At David’s Beautiful People hair salon, we pride ourselves on making our clients look and feel better than when they came in. If you’re in North North Bethesda, MD or surrounding areas, give us a visit and see how a personalized stylist can help you achieve an incredible look. One of the biggest questions we get […]

3 Things To Consider For Your Winter Hair Care

As the top beauty salon in North North Bethesda, MD, we have seen our fair share of damaged and brittle hair. And we know the kinds of mistakes that our clients have made during the winter, when you are at even more risk for weakened hair. With each changing season, our professional stylists see unique issues […]