Disrupt Your Natural Haircolor With These Bold 2020 Trends


At some point when they were younger, every person wanted to change the way their hair color looked. Whether they wished to the gorgeous platinum blonde of surfer chicks and sun-kissed beach babes or the tousled, brightly-colored locks of punk rockers, it’s innate within us to want to change our looks to match our personality.

If you’re looking to make a statement with your hair color this year, you should consider stepping it up with a bold new color trend. A new decade is upon us, and it’s likely that if you stick with old patterns, you’ll find yourself soon growing tired of them. Before you buy a bleach kit at the drugstore and regret it, let us help you do a little research on some of the color trends of 2020. Then, when you decide on something you like, make your way down to David’s Beautiful People in North Bethesda, Maryland to make it happen.

2020 Haircolor Trends

1) Bold Distinctions

2019 was shaken by Billie Eilish – both her music and her style. While you might flip flop on how you feel about her music, there is one thing you cannot deny. Billie Eilish’s distinct two-tone professional hair color is very memorable. Many stylists are seeing dye customers seeking out the top/bottom distinct dye to stand out. Our suggestion to you? Stick with a light color on top and a darker color on the bottom. This will give you the same sort of edge Eilish has without having to adopt the bright green crown that we have come to remember the singer by.

2) Shades of Blue

Believe it or not, we are influenced by the little trends that we might find silly. Many were shocked to find out this year that Pantone holds a color of the year award. 2020’s color was blue – and even in the first few months of January, colorists see a trend toward the denim-like classic blue #19-4052. Even if classic blue isn’t the hue you’re looking for, stylists are also reasonably sure that this year will contain even more interesting color choices.

3) Chunky Highlights

If you lived through the 2000s, you likely remember these bad boys as one of the most sought-after hairstyles for teens during the decade. Now that you’re an adult, you can sport chunky highlights while still maintaining your sophisticated look. The chunky highlights that we’re all about are dedicated to showcasing a darker root. The goal is to show off what looks like healthy, sun-kissed hair with a little peak of natural color.

4) The Ashy Undertone

The 2010s were all about the bright! We loved a sunny, warm undertone on blondes and anything that might match the gorgeously exciting colors of that decade’s clothing trends. However, the 20s are seeing a trend toward darker and cooler colors, which means warm hair undertones clash with many of the 20s outfit trends. Ashy, cooler undertones – like a dusky blue or rose – will be sure to turn heads!

5) Strong Roots

We talked a little bit about the more grown-up version of bold highlights that 2020 is trying to show off. Behind that is an even more persistent trend – the strong root. Though many celebrities co-opted the contrast of a lighter hairstyle with a darker root in the late ‘10s, we believe that we are going to start seeing more and more of this style in the next year. It gives a relaxed look that is resonating with Millennials and Gen-Z aged adults. However, a cheeky root doesn’t mean that you can go months between dye jobs without a touch-up. This trend will take just as much care as the other dye trends mentioned to look its best.

6) Not-quite Red

Strawberry blonde coloring seems almost fabled – it’s the perfect mix of your classic blonde bombshell look with just a touch of the fiery red that everyone loves. Although stylists see a move away from full-blown red dye jobs, there’s no denying that many people seeking a new hair color crave a touch of red. Stylists anticipate that hair color like auburn and strawberry blonde will be making a huge comeback this year as overall hair color is trending toward more muted and natural tones.

7) Black

We know, we know. We just said that hair coloring trends were leaning toward muted colors, and black can be very bold, depending upon the way it is done. However, hair stylists see hair coloring trends that feature black in the most natural way possible. In other words, we see the discontinuation of jet black and a resurgence of almost-black (dark brown) and black with soft undertones. This not only provides a bold contrast to people wearing it, but it also lets them keep the subtle elegance that comes with the natural look.

8) Dip-dye Ends

Again, we see the importance of highlighting a root with the dip-dyed ends that some celebrities are currently supporting. At the end of 2019, we saw Demi Lovato start the trend up with some bold red tips on her naturally-dark hair. This look allowed us to both admire the beauty of her natural dark brown hair color while also admiring how fearless she is with her look. We anticipate many will be drawn to that look for the same reasons.

As you can see with this year’s top eight trending color styles, the goal of 2020 is to highlight the natural while also being bold. In the past, many of us fought with our natural looks to better stand out in a crowd. Now, we are focused on highlighting the things that make us unique – like our natural hair color. Or, by dying our whole head of hair a muted tone, we are allowing the attention to be drawn to our face, our body, and, more importantly – our personality.

Are you ready to disrupt your regular hair color routine? Get help from the professionals at David’s Beautiful People in North Bethesda. We can help you dye your hair to stand out while also allowing you to keep your locks gorgeous. For more information about our hours and location, click here.