Get Ready for Prom 2022 at Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda

Prom dance 2022


Top 10 Styles to Ask for in the Salon Chair

There’s no better way to celebrate all your hard work during your Junior and Senior year than blowing off steam on the dance floor at prom. This year, go all out! After you’ve found the perfect dress, get hair to match.

Check out these top 10 styles for prom 2022, so you can schedule an appointment at our hair salon in North Bethesda for the biggest dance of the year.

1. Keep the Romance With a High Bun With a Braid

A high bun wrapped in a braid is the perfect way to ramp up a romantic dress. Leave it loose and a little messy for something extra whimsical. This style is best left to a professional at a hair salon near you, because a wrap-around braid is hard to achieve for the inexperienced, and takes a little practice.

2. Low Ponytail – High-Standards

If you have long locks, you’ll be amazed at how sophisticated a long ponytail will look for prom. Ask your hair stylist to give your strands a good deep condition with K18, and give you the skinny on which salon hair products will make your pony look sleek and voluminous at the same time.

3. Stand Out From the Crowd With a Mini Braid

Mini-braids are the perfect way to tame baby hairs and fly-always around your crown. You can wrap your mini-braids around your hairline to act as a headband, or use a mini braid to accent a topknot. This fashion forward look pairs well with long nights on the dance floor, because it keeps hair off your face.

4. Pin Curls and Finger Waves for Old Hollywood Glamor

These old-school curls are the perfect way to turn heads and look extra glamorous at the same time. Schedule an appointment at a hair salon in North Bethesda for this look, because even though pin curls and finger waves seem simple, both require a special technique. However, the results are soft, natural waves and curls that have stunning movement and vintage vibes.

5. Box Braids and Cornrows for Versatility

Box braids and cornrows are the perfect day into night hair style, because they look beautiful down, in an updo, or a ponytail. Embrace your natural hair texture by only braiding the top of your hair and letting your curls steal the show in a low ponytail. Ask your hair stylist to braid your hair into a deep side part for a little more edge.

6. Turn Up the Volume on Your Updo

If you want an elegant, yet ethereal look for prom, schedule an appointment at a hair salon near you for a teased updo. It involves a bit of backcombing and the right salon hair products to achieve this style. Your hair stylist can also add hair glitter or other embellishments for extra dimension in your updo.

7. Beachy Waves Pinned to the Side for Classic Style

Beachy waves with dewy makeup serve up a dreamy look for prom that looks sensational with long, flowing dresses. Before you head to a hair salon near you, find a fabulous pin or barrette for your stylist to clip into your waves. The trick to beautiful waves is using the right curling iron. So, leave the tools of the trade to your hair stylist, and sit back and relax before the big dance.

8. Serve Looks Into the Future With Stacked Mini-Buns

Would you describe yourself as playful and stylish with a bit of edge? Request an appointment at a hair salon in North Bethesda to give you a bold updo with stacked mini-buns. You can ask your hair stylist to give you a full faux-hawk or leave your hair half-down for something that looks a little more futuristic.

9. Straight and Super-Sleek – From the Professionals

Skip using your flat iron at home, and head to a hair salon near you for a professional style. Hair stylists use a lot more than just a mere flat iron to get your hair silky smooth. They have an arsenal of salon hair products and tools to help them give your hair the breathtaking shine you see in movies and commercials.

10. Show Off Your Inner Fashionista With a High Rope Braid

Feel fabulous and fierce with a high rope braid. This ferocious hair style looks incredible with trendy dresses and ultra-high heels. It’s actually easy to achieve on your own, but we suggest treating yourself to a relaxing day at a hair salon in North Bethesda instead of sweating it out before you need to get dressed up.

Schedule Your Appointment at The Best Hair Salon Near You, and Do It Quickly!

Prom is just around the corner, and appointments with our master hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People are filling up fast. If you want a look that people will still talk about next year, call our hair salon in North Bethesda at (301) 881-2540 or send us a message online.

David’s Beautiful People can also make your eyelashes look glamorous with our professional lash lifts and tints, perfect for prom and graduation. Ask your hair stylist how you can ditch mascara for good!