Guide to Textured Waves for Men’s Hair


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One of the biggest questions from our male customers is how to achieve a mens perm and what kind of hair options are out there for men. Our friendly and caring hair experts can provide you with wave treatment for hair of all types.

Textured Wave Treatment for Men

Our signature textured wave perm is a great way to add more shine, bounce, and excitement to your hairstyle. However, you’ll want to understand more about what it is and how it relates to the other perm styles out there. That way, you can be confident that you’re selecting the best hairstyle for you!

Perms 101

First, let’s start with a basic overview of what a perm is in the first place before getting into the specifics of textured styles. At David’s Beautiful People, our professional stylists use safe and effective products on your hair. These products and techniques will affect the waviness of curliness of your hair for a long time after the treatment. In fact, these perms can often last 6 months. Your daily hair routine is key.

What to Know Before Getting a Perm


If you have highlights in your hair, a perm is not always the best idea. This is due to the chemicals in the perm treatment that might interact with your coloring. They could cause damage to your hair or leave it a different color than you originally had with the color treatment.

Dry Hair

Take not if your hair is currently dry or damaged. Our perm solutions use the most modern techniques and chemicals to protect your hair while making it look amazing. However, there will still be a minor amount of damage in any perm process. With hair that is already prone to breakage or damage, you should strengthen it before getting a perm so there is enough moisture. This is especially true for a textured wave treatment for men.

Short Layers

If you are planning on keeping your sides short with an undercut or similar hairstyle, then you might not need to worry about short layers as much. This is usually something our female clients are concerned about. However, short layers can be problematic on the top because they might go too curly or not at all. Luckily, our stylists specialize in men’s perms so we can strike the perfect balance for your hair goals.

Can You Color Your Hair Along with a Perm?

We typically don’t recommend doing this. You want to think about what’s been on your hair in the recent past. A single process coloring that is semi permanent could work, for example.

However, let’s say that you have just one color in your hair now. But 18 months ago you had another color. Believe it or not, the previous color treatment is still there underneath the other processes. This increases the likelihood of hair damage to practically 100%.

If you are determined to have your perm anyway and continue to get coloring, wait a few weeks after the perm. By getting the perm first, your color will be more true to what you wanted. Our stylists can recommend pigmented treatments that will increase shine and curl.

Textured Perm

A textured perm will use different kinds of wraps to achieve multiple curl sizes and patterns. This can give your hair more personality and variance. It’s the perm equivalent of having a ‘messy’ hair look instead of being too uniform, unnatural, and boring.

After Care for Men’s Perm

You might already know that you want to wait 48 hours before washing your hair. And be sure to ask our stylists about products that you can apply daily. These will protect your hair with moisture and strengthening agents. Also, you may love curls but people usually don’t want frizz. That’s why consulting one of our experts before and after your perm is the best course of action.

Avoid drying your hair artificially with a blower or flat iron. In fact, you should avoid getting your hair wet (hence not washing it). However, even if you do you’ll want to avoid high heat. This is one of the most simple but difficult rules to follow because after you sleep you might be tempted to mess with your hair. Just don’t!

As far as style and how to wear your hair — keep it down or “free.” If it’s necessary to pull it away from your face for some reason, a silk scarf is your best bet for minimizing potential damage.

Any kind of hair ties, pins, or clips will apply too much pressure. The same goes for hats. You hair needs time to breathe and settle in after your textured perm. And that also means using conditioners and hair products absolutely do not have any sodium chloride.

Perm + Haircut

It’s a smart idea to get your haircut on the same visit when getting your perm. This keeps your ends healthy to prevent damage because wave treatment for hair does dry it out somewhat. In fact, it’s common for us to help our male customers with a fashionable new cut to go along with their men’s perm. It’s not just stylish, it’s healthier for your hair!

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