Hair Cut and Style Trends for Fall 2017



Are you ready to change your hair cut and style, this fall? Our stylists at David’s Beautiful People of North Bethesda, MD are ready to transform your hair however you may like.

Is it time to make a transition to a bold, new look or make small tweaks on your current cut and style?

This fall, your hair’s cut and style is something to be experimented with. Whether you are feeling a retro cut, you are ready to cut it all off, or you want a cut and style that is versatile for your ever-changing look, it’s time to get trendy this fall.

The Trends for Cut and Style in North Bethesda for Fall 2017

1. Shaved hair

Many celebrities have been setting this trend by baring it all with a fully shaved hair cut and style this fall. Although it can get a little cold with shaved or buzzed hair, it’s a wonderful, sleek look for a sophisticated woman. In addition, it’s a great way to start anew after over-dying or over-processing your hair over the years.

Pair this adventurous cut with bright colors and exciting patterns in your clothing for a great fall style. You could even add new color to your short hair to add an extra dimension and strut your new look.

2. Retro, old school cut

Back in trend this fall is blunt bangs and straight cut bob, a look that many celebrities are rocking. Styling trends with this cut include curling in the bottom for a timeless look that is back in trend after many years out.

Even though this may be a look your aunt had back in her prime, it’s a great choice for you if you typically like a lot of layers and feathering in your hair. Why not go for a bold, new change this fall to get you out of your comfort zone? Who knows, it may be one that you stick with for a long time.

3. The bob

What’s great about a bob cut is that there are so many different ways to style it, based on your unique preference. Whether you want to cut on side longer than the other, keep the back short and go progressively longer towards the front, or something in between, you can’t go wrong with a great bob cut.

It’s a great fall style that will work with you through the winter and continue to look great as your hair gets longer. Pair it with a bold new color, such as the super hot silver trend, warm autumn tones or something dark. Have fun with this low-maintenance cut throughout the cooler days and nights.

4. The messy look with a center part

Fall is a great time to rock the messy look: slight waves with face framed, mostly one length with gradually longer hair towards the bottom, and parted in the middle. This seemly carefree style is a look that is fun to rock, easy to maintain, and gives off a sexy ‘no care’ vibe. The length can be experimented with, based on your unique preference.

This hair cut and style is all about what flows for you, and it is a great style for someone who loves to rock the bohemian look and experiments with patterns and colors in their clothing. Daily styling is a cinch with just a bit of mousse to rock your natural waves or add in a few waves with your favorite tool.

5. Bold bangs with any cut

Bangs are in this fall, and they can go with pretty much any cut you like, aside from the trending buzzed or shaved look. The longer and bolder they are, the better. And if you’re one that doesn’t typically rock bangs, now’s the time for you.

A great pairing for your bold bangs are layers in your long or short locks for a great contrast that’s on trend this fall.

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