Help! I Cut My Own Bangs, and Now They’re Too Short

Woman cuts her own bangs


Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda Has the Solutions to Three Common DIY Hair Mishaps

Did you fall for a convincing video on TikTok and trim a little too much off your tresses? Or maybe your hair suffered major damage from store-bought bleach. It’s okay! The stylists at David’s Beautiful People have seen their fair-share of hair hacks gone wrong, and have the solutions you need to rescue your luscious locks.

So take a seat, relax, and let the professionals at our hair salon near you bring your hair back to life after a big mistake.

I Cut My Bangs Too Short – Can I Fix Them?

Cutting your bangs into a chic shape seems simple enough, but getting bangs is an enormous commitment. Once you hear the final snip, you can’t go back. So when you cut your bangs too short, it might send you into a panic. Don’t worry – here are some things you can do to camouflage your bangs:

  • Blow-dry your hair down
  • Find hair accessories to style your bangs away from your face
  • Use product to curb frizz and flyaways

Headbands and pins are trending for 2022 and beyond, which means you can invest in hair accessories that will look incredible even when your bangs grow out.

When Your Bangs Won’t Behave – Get to a Salon Near You

If you just can’t get your bangs to lie flat and play nice, it’s best just to visit the salon. A hair stylist can blend your bangs into the rest of your hair, add color and highlights to give them more dimension, and help you change your part to the side. Plus, they have all the inside knowledge about salon hair products that can help you style your bangs daily.

I Turned My Hair Orange With Bleach – What Should I Do?

The answer to this question isn’t as easy as the last. That’s because there are several scenarios when DIY bleach can take a serious twist into a hair nightmare.

The most common complaint about do-it-yourself bleach kits is that hair ends up brassy, orange, and well, not blonde at all. The primary reason you didn’t lift to an ultra-light blonde after an at-home bleach is because of past hair color already on your hair.

Warmer and darker pigments like red and dark brown have large color molecules, which makes them difficult for bleach to break down. If you don’t use a salon-grade bleach and developer, and know the exact time to process your hair, you’ll most likely end up with a brassy, spotty, and super-damaged head of hair.

After a DIY Bleach Gone Wrong – Book an Appointment With Your Hair Stylist

When you see your hair turn orange after bleaching it at home, your first reaction might be to bleach your hair a second time. However, bleaching your hair again won’t ensure even color, and it might cause serious damage to your hair.

That’s because bleach not only dissolves the pigment in your hair, it can completely dissolve your hair shaft. This means bleach might eat through the weakest point of your hair and cause it to completely break off.

The best thing to do after your DIY bleach goes wrong is to book an appointment at a hair salon near you. The hair stylists and David’s Beautiful People recommend booking an appointment for a custom hair color, expert trim, and a K18 deep conditioning treatment to rejuvenate your hair.

I Tried to Give Myself Professional Volume With My Round Brush – Now It’s Stuck

Don’t panic when your hair gets stuck in a round brush. Even though it seems like a tough situation, you can easily tackle your tangled mess and save your hair. Check out these six steps to untangle your hair from a round brush:

  1. Get a friend or family member to help
  2. Apply a deep conditioner to your hair
  3. Use a fine-tooth comb or pick to separate your hair into more manageable sections
  4. In small sections, work from the bottom up, and only attempt to untangle a little hair at a time
  5. Do not attempt to unroll your hair; it will just cause it to get more tangled
  6. Be patient and work slowly until the round brush is out of your hair

The trick to getting volume with your round brush while not getting your hair stuck is to not pull your hair too tightly around your brush. Try to loosely wrap your locks around your brush, and use a pin to secure your brush, instead of pulling it tighter to your scalp, if you need your curls to set.

If You Want Extra Volume or Glamorous Curls – Get to a Hair Salon Near You

Did you know there are several ways for your hairstylist to give you gorgeous volume besides a professional blow-dry? The hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People can give you chic beach waves, tight and tidy curls with a perm, or an expert hair cut and style to add natural movement and volume to your curly hair.

You can also transform your hair and give it enhanced volume with a great set of hair extensions. Go from a short bob to having long and lustrous locks in a single day. The hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People have almost three decades of experience with hair extensions, so make sure you request an appointment with our experts to achieve the look you really want.

Our hair salon in North Bethesda caters to all hair types. We even have an incredible solution for thinning hair – Evolve. It’s a non-surgical, non-invasive, semi-permanent hair integration system that looks like your natural hair! Book an appointment with one of our Evolve-certified hair stylists today to find out more!

David’s Beautiful People Is Here For You Through Thick and Thin

Don’t wait for a DIY hair mistake to treat yourself to a service at David’s Beautiful People. Not only can we customize a hair cut and style to enhance your natural beauty, we can show you the right salon hair products to use at home, so you always look your best.

To book an appointment with one of our incredible hair stylists, call us at (301) 881-2540 or contact us online. Don’t forget to ask us about how you can toss your mascara in the trash and get luscious lashes with one of our signature lash extensions, too!