How Can I Stop My Hair From Breaking?

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The Answer From Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda May Surprise You

If you’re one of the many people who want long, flowing locks, it can be really frustrating to feel like your hair is breaking when you wash or brush it. However, your hair might not actually be breaking. The real reason might actually shock you!

Pull up a comfortable seat, and grab your iced coffee. The professional hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People are going to break down the science of hair growth, and give you the secret to gorgeous, healthy-looking hair.

Learn to Live With the Hair You’re Born With

It’s totally true: heated styling tools, overwashing your hair, water that’s too hot, and copious amounts of heavy styling products can all lead to hair breakage. But you probably already knew that, right?

What you didn’t know is that the length and shape of your hair are genetically predetermined, which means there is little you can do to permanently change the texture and how long your hair can grow. Thanks, mom and dad!

Why Is My Hair Curly?

The texture of your hair is determined by the shape of your hair follicle. Wait – hair follicles aren’t just round? No, they actually come in three main shapes: round, oval, and elliptical. If you have round hair follicles, you have straight hair. People with oval hair follicles have wavy hair, and those with elliptical hair follicles have coily hair.

Science has shown that each hair follicle also has cells that divide differently, too. For instance, hair follicles that are round have cells that divide symmetrically, and elliptical hair follicles have cells that divide asymmetrically.

Can I Change the Shape of My Hair Follicle?

Technically, the only thing that can change the shape of your hair follicle permanently is your hormones. So if you experience a change in hair texture without reason, it’s best to get to your physician.

However, there are several options that can change the texture of your hair for several weeks. Schedule an appointment at a hair salon near you for a perm or keratin treatment.

Don’t be afraid to work with your natural hair texture, either. Ask your stylist for a straight or curly hair cut and style that flatters your face shape. You’ll be able to style your hair and go, which will save you tons of time getting ready!

So, Why Can’t I Get My Hair to Grow?

Hair breakage is a big reason you can’t get your hair to grow, but your genetics play a big role, too. Each hair on your head is in a different stage of growth, and each stage lasts a certain amount of time, depending on your genetics.

Anagen Phase
This is the stage where your hair actually grows. It’s the longest phase, lasting anywhere from three to five years. Though, there have been people known to have hair grow for more than seven years. The time your hair remains in the growth phase is different for everyone.

Catagen Phase
The catagen phase is also known as the transition phase. During this phase, your hair follicle shrinks and hair growth slows way down. This phase lasts for about 10 days.

Telogen Phase
Your hair doesn’t grow during the telogen phase. This three-month phase gives your hair follicle a rest while it grows new hair for the one that’s about to fall out.

Exogen Phase
Also known as the dreaded shedding phase. During the exogen phase, your hair is released from your scalp, often helped by washing or brushing. It’s common to lose anywhere from 50 to 100 hairs a day.

Can I Make the Length of My Anagen Phase Longer?

Your maximum length of time for your hair’s growth phase is up to your genetics, but our hair salon in in North Bethesda has a few tips on how to maintain healthy hair to max out your growth phase:

  • Eat a healthy diet, rich in healthy proteins and leafy vegetables.
  • Reduce stress to avoid telogen effluvium – a condition where you accelerate your hair follicles into the exogen phase because of high levels of stress.
  • Practice proper hair care techniques by avoiding heated styling tools and by using the right salon-grade hair products.
  • Schedule a regular haircut and style at a salon near you to keep your hair looking fresh.

You can also keep your locks healthy with deep-conditioning treatments like K18. It can refortify your hair in a matter of minutes. Ask a stylist at our hair salon near you to add a deep conditioning to your service the next time you book an appointment.

What Is the Main Benefit of Working With My Natural Hair Texture?

The biggest benefit of working with your natural hair texture is that you can finally stop hair breakage once and for all. You don’t need heated styling tools and harsh hair products when you’re allowing your hair to look au naturel.

Instead, you’ll be able to use a hair product recommended by your hair stylist to gently work with your natural texture. Not only is this a huge timesaver, but it also guarantees your hair is growing to its maximum length.

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