How Do I Choose the Best Hair Color for My Skin Tone?

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Our Hair Salon Near You Has the Scoop on Enhancing Your Glow With Hair Color

Nothing enhances your natural beauty like a fresh color from the professionals at a hair salon near you. Even though the latest and greatest trends in color look super-cool, it’s important to choose the best hair color that brings out the beauty in your skin’s undertone tone.

So, what is your undertone? What’s the trick to discovering it, and how do you choose the best hair color for you? The hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People have the answers to all of your questions! So take a few moments for yourself and find out how you can refresh your look at our hair salon in North Bethesda.

Warm, Cool, Neutral – What Is My Skin’s Undertone?

Your skin’s tone is one thing, but your undertones are something very different. Your skin tone changes throughout the year. For instance, you may have a darker complexion in the summer and a lighter one in the winter. However, your undertone never changes.

There are three shades on skin undertones: warm, cool, and neutral. Knowing your undertone can help you identify more than just the right hair color. It will be easier to pick out foundation and concealer, too!

How Do I Figure Out My Undertone?

Thoroughly wash off your makeup, go to your closet, and put on your favorite blouse, dress, or t-shirt. You know the one! The piece of clothing that brings out your eyes and gives your skin a certain glow.

You Have a Warm Undertone If
The shirt or dress you chose is yellow, orange, yellow-green, brown, ivory, or orange-red.

You Have Cool Undertone If
You put on a purple, blue, green, blue-green, pink, or true-red shirt or dress.

You Have a Neutral Undertone If
You might have a neutral undertone if you can’t find a particular color that looks the best on you. However, you might want to check with a hair stylist at David’s Beautiful People to be sure.

Hot Tip From Our Hair Stylists

Think about how your skin reacts in the sun. Do you tan or burn easily? Many people who tan have warm undertones, but if you burn easily or don’t tan, you probably have a cool undertone.

What’s the Best Hair Color for My Undertone?

Thankfully, the professionals at our hair salon in North Bethesda can quickly and expertly choose the best hair color for your undertone during your appointment. But we understand if you want to explore your options before you sit down in the salon chair.

Fair Skin With Cool Undertones
Platinum blonde looks incredible paired with fair skin and cool undertones. You can also try dark red violet, rich reds, and jet black. Make sure you skip overly warm tones like gold, copper, and caramel.

Fair Skin With Warm Undertones
Bring out your natural beauty with shades like butterscotch, rust, and golden blonde. Avoid overly blue and violet colors, and skip going black. These shades will look too harsh against your fair skin.

Fair Skin With Neutral Undertones
The best hair color for fair skin and a neutral undertone in anything in the beige family. However, you can also ask your hair stylist to help you go bold with platinum blonde, too. Just make sure you avoid anything with a blue undertone in the color.

Medium Skin With Cool Undertones
You can go wild with the latest trend in hair color when you have a medium complexion with a cool undertone. Mix it up with mushroom color! Ask a hair salon near you to give your hair the complexity of the underside of a mushroom with colors like walnut, ashy blonde, cinnamon, auburn, and wheat.

Medium Skin With Warm Undertones
When you have a medium complexion with a warm undertone, it’s best to stick with a hair color that’s in the middle. Bronde is the perfect balance between golden blonde and copper brown. Bronde is a hard color to create at home, so make sure you book an appointment at a hair salon in North Bethesda to achieve this iconic color.

Medium Skin With Neutral Undertones
This combination of complexion and undertone can work with almost any color! Ask your hair stylist to combine a golden tone at your scalp and slowly transition into cooler, lighter ends for awe-inspiring depth. Avoid anything with red, because it will dull your natural glow.

Deep Skin With Cool Undertones
Inky black is the best color for those with deep skin and cool undertones. It catches light and color, which enhances the gorgeous depth of this skin tone. You can always try colors like blue-black, espresso, and deep violet shades, too. Talk to your hair stylist about adding highlights in cooler tones like platinum blonde or blue-red.

Deep Skin With Warm Undertones
The best hair color for people with deep skin and warm undertones are colors like maple, mahogany, and toffee. Mixing highlights and lowlights of these shades is a great way to enhance your skin’s natural radiance.

Deep Skin With Neutral Undertones
Soft, warm brunette shades will bring out the depth in your eyes and produce a natural glow in your skin. But bold, eye-catching hair color looks incredible with deep skin and a neutral undertone, too. Try a cool-beige, red-violet, or ultra-rich mahogany. Try to avoid combining warm eye colors with warm hair color, because one color will wash out the other.

Where Can I Get the High-Quality Hair Color I Want at a Hair Salon Near Me?

At David’s Beautiful People! Our award-winning hair salon in North Bethesda has been serving world-class looks to people for more than four decades. We’ll help you choose the best hair color for your skin tone, make sure your cut is flawless, and help you find the right salon hair products to maintain your new look.

To book an appointment with one of our hair stylists, call us at (301) 881-2540 or contact us online. Don’t forget to ask how you can ditch mascara forever with professional lash extensions!