Natural Ways to Promote Hair Growth Outside the Beauty Salon

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Tips for Thicker Hair from Our North Bethesda Hair Salon’s Expert Stylists

Hair loss is a natural part of growing older. While it doesn’t directly affect your physical wellbeing, it can take a significant toll on your emotions and self-perception.

Luckily, there are things you can do at home to promote hair growth, ultimately taking your mane to great lengths and giving you your confidence back.

Make thinning hair part of the past when you follow these hair growth tips from our beauty salon near you, David’s Beautiful People.

What Causes Thin Hair?

First, it’s important to understand why you might have thin hair in the first place. The truth is, hair loss and thinning can happen for a multitude of reasons. However, genetics are the most common explanation.

Still, there are other reasons for your hair loss, including stress, taking certain medications, and hormonal imbalances. Before you get lost in all the possibilities by searching the Internet and self-diagnosing, we recommend seeking advice from our beauty salon and your physician.

Growing Your Hair Outside of Our North Bethesda Hair Salon

Hair loss and thin hair are no joke, especially for women. Although there are several ways to promote hair growth at home, it won’t happen overnight – no matter how much you’d like it to.

Be patient and consistent, and you’ll see a difference in no time. Consider these techniques that promote hair growth and hair health.

#1 – Massage Your Scalp

Believe it or not, massaging your scalp with hair oils and masks can actually improve hair thickness.

The dermal papilla cells – found at the bottom of the hair follicle – are responsible for hair formation, growth, and the shedding and regrowth cycle. Massaging stimulates growth within these cells. Additionally, massaging can increase blood flow and promote a healthier scalp.

For best results, massage your scalp every day. When massaging, use your fingertips to apply medium pressure as you move across the scalp in a circular motion. Do this for about five minutes.

#2 – Coconut Oil

Coconut oil can make your hair grow faster and encourage stronger, healthier hair. This is because fatty acids found in coconut oil reach inside the hair follicle and reduce protein loss from hair. Coconut oil also can prevent your hair from breaking by instilling vital moisture.

Just massage it into your scalp and throughout your hair before or after washing, depending on your hair type.

#3 – Aloe Vera

Aloe vera is a classic remedy used to manage hair loss and support healthy hair. Aloe contains a proteolytic enzyme that works to remove dead skin cells on the scalp that could potentially clog the follicles. Clogged hair follicles aren’t able to grow hair properly, so you’ll want to take care of them as soon as possible.

Apply pure aloe vera gel onto your scalp and throughout your hair a couple times a week, and you’re on your way to healthier hair.

#4 – Fish Oil

Fish oil contains omega-3 fatty acids that are filled with essential nutrients and proteins, which can enhance your hair’s health and reduce hair loss. Omega-3 supplements and antioxidants are a great way to improve hair density and diameter. They also can reduce hair follicle inflammation, which is connected to hair loss. Best of all, fish oil supplements are easily found at your favorite grocery or discount store.

#5 – Heatless Hair Styling

Heated tools, like blow dryers, straighteners, and curling irons, are great for styling your hair, but can be really damaging, especially if you use them every day. Using heat on your hair makes it dry and brittle, which can then lead to breakage.

Our North Bethesda hair salon recommends giving your hair a break and allowing it to air-dry instead. This may take more time out of your busy schedule, but it will benefit the health of your hair in the long run.

Visit Our Hair Salon Near You Instead

If you’ve given these tips a chance and haven’t received your desired results, visit our North Bethesda hair salon, David’s Beautiful People. Our Evolve hair solutions, a non-invasive process, can provide you with the hair you’ve always dreamed of. The choice is yours between a semi-permanent, realistic hair piece available in three different textures and more than 40 shades!

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