New Year, New You – 2020’s Hottest Looks and Styles


As you get older, the years seem to fly by. It always feels like you just got taxes done by the time Thanksgiving hits, and holidays are right around the corner and you have even more chores to take care of. When your life is dominated by routine – as many of ours are – it can be hard to feel like you’re living your life. Though you can’t deny the need to work a full-time job or to do necessary errands, there are ways to step out of the comfort zone that seems to make life zip by.

One of those ways is by amping up your wardrobe, hairstyle, and makeup routines. Creatures of habit might find this hard to do, but in light of the 100th anniversary of the roaring twenties – a time when style and fashion dominated daily life – it might be time to diversify your look.

2020 holds a bold horizon of new haircut and style options.

Here are our favorite looks that we’re anticipating will make a bright splash in the new year.

The Return of Hair Baubles

When we think of the roaring twenties, we think of a mixture of sexy decadence and bold feminine looks. Nothing says this quite like a hair bauble.

Already, jeweled pins, hair pearls, and big clips are making waves on fashion runways across the world. Cosmopolitan’s list of 2020’s top 20 hair trends contained an overwhelming number of hairstyles that were dependent upon what was put into them. The good thing about hair baubles is they don’t depend upon a new haircut or even a new hairstyle to stand out! You can simply do a little accessory shopping, and the possibilities are endless.

Stylish and Sassy Half-Buns

If you’re a millennial reading this, you probably remember the half-ponytail of the nineties. The most popular girls wore it in your school.

Though not exactly the same in looks, the half-bun is one step up from this former hairstyle. It’s a bridge between the new and the old. Half-buns require little effort but can go a long way to take your everyday outfit and elevate it to a hip level.

Baby Bangs

If you have bangs and have been looking for a way to mix it up, the baby bang trend might make you reconsider the way you cut them. Done professionally, a baby bang or a micro bang take give you an edgy look. These bangs look great with many different hairstyles, including short bobs and longer cuts. Micro bangs can still be styled to look professional and elegant, as Emma Watson has shown us. Wear that to work, and then on Friday after work, do a little teasing and add a bit of volume to your cut. You’ll look like a rockstar with minimal effort.

Finger Waves Making Waves 100 Years Later

Finger waves were intensely popular in the 1920s, and they are making waves again – especially for those with shorter hair. Think Betty Boop.

Today, the finger wave shows resilience and a beautiful merging of cultures. The once silver-screen popular haircut was repopularized by rappers and pop singers in the 1990s. We see this being a big hit in the new ‘20s as music, and popular culture emphasizes the importance of rap and hip-hop culture in everyday life. Plus, they’re elegant and effortless to accomplish with little more than your fingers and some styling gel.

Platinum Hair Dye

Hair dye isn’t going away. The 2010s were big on bright, bold colors and pastels, but now we’re sensing a new era of hair coloring – precious metals and gems.

Going along with the hair baubles trend, the move toward platinum blonde represents a focus on the beauty and worth of hair. The light, almost white blonde shimmers and is often blacklight-sensitive. Platinum is one of those colors that looks good in nearly every situation – worn elegantly up at an office party, or teased and worn with your clubbing clothes.

This hairstyle will take a bit of upkeep. But you don’t have to fret when you see your dark roots growing back in. Fashion brands love a little root in their platinum models. Just don’t let your root take over.

Soft Waves, Hot Nights

Soft waves are easily achieved with the right length and thickness of hair, and nothing says elegant better than a wave in long, silky hair. Or, perhaps it is the effortless, beachy look which says you take your style with you everywhere you go.

Getting a soft wave in your hair doesn’t take too much effort, which might be why it’s coming back into fashion. Like many of the hairstyles on this list, the soft wave is an excellent way to look professionally beautiful or super sexy, depending on the way you present it. To achieve a natural beach waves look, put your hair up in a ponytail and curl the bits beneath the elastic. For a more professionally-styled look, find a salon like David’s Beautiful People in North Bethesda to show you how to do it.

The Classic Bob

You couldn’t be a flapper without sporting a super-cute bob, right? Bobs haven’t ever gone out of style, but the way they’ve been styled has been heavily dependent upon the decade’s trends. For 2020, we see a return to the 1920’s bob. Bobs are endlessly versatile, allowing stylists and wearers the opportunity to sport different types of bangs (or no bangs), hair coloring options, and stylish extensions to make the bob stand out. If you want a bold look that takes minimal styling, try out a bob haircut. If you don’t end up liking it, it grows out more naturally and quickly than a pixie cut would.

David’s Beautiful People wants to help you bring in the new roaring twenties with a look that will celebrate your rich and diverse life. Spice up every day of 2020 by coming to our location in North Bethesda, Maryland, for a new cut, color, or style. We’re DevaCurl certified and know how to work with all types of hair to create a style that helps you stand out.