New Year New You: 2023 Looks & Styles Trends

a woman with blonde hair and a mixie, interspersed with colored highlights


The Looks We’re Expecting to Take Over Our North Bethesda Hair Salon

A new year calls for a new chop, right? And if you don’t already have one particular style in mind, we’ve got you covered. Thanks to today’s hottest celebrities and influencers who always seem to be on trend, there’s an extensive selection of hair looks and styles to choose from just in time for the new year.

However, sorting through all these cuts and styles can take a lot of time – time you could be spending enjoying your new ‘do! That’s why we’ve done the work for you. All that’s left to do is pick your favorite and head to our North Bethesda hair salon near you, David’s Beautiful People.

Without further delay, here are some looks and styles you’ll want to consider for 2023, courtesy of our salon near you.

Looks and Styles to Try in 2023

With a new year comes new hair trends, and they may look a little familiar to you. This year, we’re focusing on some of our favorite hair trends and making them that much better. Regardless of your hair length or type, you’re sure to find a look that will accentuate your unique features.

  • The Mixie
    Like its name implies, the mixie is a perfect blend of a mullet and pixie cut. With this daring ‘do, the hair is cut into a pixie, but is left longer towards the base of the neck. This cut is not only edgy, but is also extremely low-maintenance, making it the perfect look for anyone wanting to experiment with short hair this coming year.
  • Fulani Braids
    You can never go wrong with braids, and the fulani braids turn this classic style into a fresh new look. Originating from the African Fula people, this look uses both hair extensions and natural hair to incorporate a variety of braiding techniques into one eclectic style. Fulani braids allow for some creativity and personalization. Use a mixture of large and thin braids, as well as different braid patterns, to create your own unique look from this beauty salon style.
  • The Retro Chop
    The ‘90s are to thank for this minimalistic, yet elegant cut. Your stylist will first begin with a drastic cut that forms a short bob a few inches from the shoulders. Next, side-swept bangs will be added to elevate the cut and add a playful, effortless vibe. Great for everyday wear or a special occasion, the retro chop won’t be a stranger at a salon near you in 2023.
  • Sleek Chignon
    Sleek styles were all the rage last year, and they aren’t going anywhere this year. In 2023, we’re expecting to see a lot of low, sleek chignons inside our beauty salon. A chignon is a French bun that nearly anyone can pull off. Slicking it back can level up this classic look and give it some modern flair.
  • The Butterfly Cut
    The butterfly cut was made for long hair, as it uses short shaggy pieces and long layers to give the hair a butterfly wing resemblance. It’s perfect for anyone looking for a new ‘do, but also wanting to grow out their hair. First spotted on TikTok, we predict this haircut will be a fan-favorite at our North Bethesda hair salon.
  • The Shullet
    The shullet cut is a crossover between a shag and mullet that looks amazing on virtually any hair texture. And if you’re longing for some extra movement in your hair, this cut is sure to do the trick. The shullet makes a statement with its versatility and messy, yet strikingly beautiful look.

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