Our Top 3 Summer Salon Hair Products to For Men

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Are you ready to rock a new look this summer? Then you’re going to need the right hair products to achieve the texture and style you want. But if you’re like a lot of men, looking at hair products on grocery store shelves can be overwhelming.

Don’t worry, you can skip the long-lines and low-quality products at the store, because our hair salon near you has the top 3 salon hair products you need to master any men’s hair cut and style.

The Best Salon Hair Product to Tame Flyaways Is Pomade

Pomade is one of the oldest and most tested salon hair products for men on the market. It’s been around since the 18th century, and means “ointment” in French. They were originally made with mashed apples and animal fat, but with the turn of the 20th century provided much better ingredients.

Pomade is an essential tool for any men’s hair care kit, because it can work with all hair types and textures, while also providing a lasting hold. This makes pomade your go-to salon hair product to tame flyaways and softly shapes your hair for a put-together look.

What It’s Made With
These days, you won’t find any mashed apples, but you will most likely find ingredients like beeswax and lanolin in high-quality pomades. They come in various fragrances and sizes, which make them perfect for home and travel.

How to Use It

  1. Pomade can be applied to towel-dried or wet hair
  2. Warm up your pomade by rubbing it between your palms
  3. Distribute your pomade evenly on your fingertips
  4. Work your pomade from your roots down to the rest of your hair, in small, circular motions
  5. Style your hair by tousling it or shaping it with a comb
  6. Air-dry or blow-dry

There’s no set measurement for the amount of pomade you need to use, because each salon hair product has its own set of instructions. Schedule an appointment at our hair salon in North Bethesda to talk to a hair stylist about the best way to use pomade to achieve the look you want.

Pomade Works Best With a Quiff Hair Cut and Style
You can use pomade with almost any hair cut and style. However, most hair stylists will recommend a quiff hairstyle for something professional, yet trendy.

This modern cut is perfect for work, but also a great style for a night out. Ask a hair salon near you if this cut and style is right for your hair type, texture, and routine, so you can start rocking the quiff in time for summer.

Use Salt Spray For Textured Hair That’s Ultra-Touchable

Salt spray is a favorite among the hair stylists at David’s Beautiful People because it works in two incredible ways. Sea salt is renowned for absorbing oil and moisture from your hair and gives it a soft, touchable surf-spun hair. Plus, it’s super-easy to use!

The first generation of sea salt sprays skated onto the scene in the late 1990s. Since then, it has been a salon hair product staple for men and women across the globe.

What It’s Made With
Sea salt spray works with all hair types, textures, and lengths because of its simple list of ingredients. Salon-grade sea salt sprays contain high-quality sea salt, water, and – depending on the brand – other hair nourishing ingredients like aloe vera, coconut oil, and essential oils.

How to Use It

Sea salt spray can be used on dry or towel-dried hair

  1. Spray 3-4 pumps onto your hair
  2. Use your hands to work the sea salt spray from root to tip
  3. Let your hair air-dry for a loose style or blow-dry your hair on medium for more definition

Learning how to properly blow-dry your hair doesn’t happen on your own. You need an expert hair stylist to teach you how to get the style you want without using too much heat or product.

When you book your next appointment at a salon near you, make sure you ask for tips and tricks on how to use a blow-dryer.

Sea Salt Works Well With Hair Cuts and Styles for Thin Hair
Sea salt spray works for all hair types and textures, but it works really well for men with thin hair and longer hair styles. That’s because it’s lightweight and won’t weigh your hair down like pastes and putties.

Every salon hair product needs to be applied in moderation. Too much sea salt spray can dry out your locks and make them look dull. Just remember, you can always add more product, but you can’t take it away. Start by applying your spray in small amounts, and building to the texture you want.

Let Your Leave-In Impress With Hydrated and Defined Curls

Leave-in conditioners aren’t just for ladies! In fact, more and more men are embracing their natural curls and letting their hair hang loose for the summer. They’re the perfect spray and go salon hair product to nourish your curls and give them shape.

From tight and coily curls to long beach waves, a leave-in conditioner is the only way to keep your curls from frizzing out and flying away.

What It’s Made With
The best leave-in conditioners are made with botanical extracts, lightweight oils, silicones, and vitamins, in order to provide nutrients and shine to your hair. They can come in sprays, creams, or serums.

How to Use It

  1. Leave-in conditioner should be applied to wet hair
  2. For short hair, use two to three sprays or about a quarter-sized amount of product
  3. For long hair, use 4 to 6 sprays or about double the amount of product for short hair
  4. Using your hands or a wide-tooth comb, spread your leave-in conditioner from root to tip
  5. Let your curls air dry or use a diffuser

If you have long hair, a wide-tooth comb is essential for detangling a messy mane, so make sure you pick one up at your next salon appointment or ask your hair stylist where you can purchase one.

Leave-In Conditioner Works With All Hair Cuts and Styles
This salon hair product is probably one of the most underrated products out there. That’s because low-quality leave-in conditioners damage your hair and make it look greasy. However, if you use products on your hair daily or have curly locks that need to be tamed, a top-notch leave-in conditioner can ensure you have the perfect hair day, every day.

There is a leave-in conditioner for everyone. Look for sprays with UV protection, nourishing creams for 4C curls, or a lightweight leave-in for bleached hair. Just ask a stylist at a hair salon near you to help you choose the best one for your hair.

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