Beachy Waves

Gorgeous curls that look effortless

What we love about beachy waves is that they look amazing on practically anyone, no matter your face shape or hair type. At Identity Salon, we can help you get those effortless-looking loose curls that will have people thinking you spent all day at the beach with your toes in the sand.

Waves for all hair types

Depending on your hair type and the amount of curl you’re going for, our knowledgeable stylists will use either a hair straightener, wand, or curling iron combined with misting heat protectant to maintain the health of your hair. We’ll then use high-quality product to lock your perfect beachy waves in place.

Curly blonde hair

Our stylists will not only help you accomplish gorgeous beachy waves, they’ll also go over how to maintain your look so you get the most out of your visit with us.