The Dos and Don’ts When Getting a Perm or Relaxer


Interested in getting a perm or relaxer at your next hair appointment? We’d love to help you get the best perm or relaxer in North North Bethesda.

Our expert stylists at David’s in North Bethesda have you covered for your perm or relaxer treatments, both during and after your appointment. We’d love for you to experience our high level of service for both perms and relaxer treatments, and your stylist would love to help you take extra great care of your perm or relaxer, after it’s complete.

If you’re new to perms and relaxers, there’s a lot you need to know and be prepared for. Here’s an idea of what you need to keep in mind both before and after you get a perm or relaxer treatment on your hair, so that your perm or relaxer stays in great condition for months and months.

The Dos and Don’t of Getting a Perm or Relaxer

During the first few days:

  • Don’t wash your hair or get it wet.
  • Do use a blowdryer or a flat iron, if your hair gets wet during the first couple of days.
  • Do blow dry or straighten your hair with a flat iron to remove ridges that you get while you sleep.
  • Don’t exercise or sweat.
  • Don’t use sprays, gels, or mousses.
  • Don’t tie your hair back, using hair bands or hair clips of any kind.
  • Do wear a silk scar, if you need to pull your hair away from your face.
  • Do wear your hair down all the time.
  • Don’t tuck your hair behind your ears.
  • Don’t use eyeglasses or sunglasses to hold your hair back.
  • Don’t get a perm or relaxer, if you are pregnant or nursing.
  • Do use the stylist recommended shampoo, which is one that doesn’t contain sodium chloride.

Perm & Relaxer Services at David’s

We have a wide range of perm and keratin treatment treatments at our North North Bethesda hair salon to fit every need, and people from all over Montgomery County trust us with our high-quality perm and keratin treatment services, which include:

  • Thermal relaxing & conditioning: starting at $480
  • Keratin smoothing treatments: Premier $350, Express $180
  • Permanent: starting at $120
  • Reverse perm: starting at $140
  • Spiral perm: starting at $150
  • Air-oxidized perm: starting at $160 – *long hair extra

Specialty Perm Service

Our Specialty Perm Service helps you create your signature perm from scratch. You can add curl, volume, texture, body, and silky smoothness to make any hair design you desire. One of our expert stylists would love to create a fully custom look for you, and if you have sensitive hair, you can enjoy our air-oxidized perms, as apart of your Specialty Perm Service.

Brazilian Smoothing & Restructuring Treatment

  • Full Treatment: starting at $350
  • Brazilian Express: starting at $180

Our Brazilian Smoothing & Restructuring Treatment is a Nanokeratin-based treatment, which is a technology-driven process that takes out-of-control, frizzy, damaged, curly, kinky, and over-colored hair and turns your locks healthy, shiny, silky, and luxurious. It is a life-changing experience for many of our North North Bethesda clients.

Please note: A $200 credit card deposit is required to reserve a Thermal Relaxing & Conditioning Service and/or a Brazilian Smoothing & Restructuring Service, and a 72-hour cancellation is necessary to avoid forfeiture of your deposit.

Get 25% Off with an Associate Stylist

We love to hire new talent at David’s Beautiful People in North North Bethesda, and we love to keep our young hairdressers up-to-date on the latest trends, styles, and fashion. Want to get a discount on your next treatment? We’d love for you to visit one of them at your next appointment, and you’ll receive 25% off of all chemical service prices. Simply tell us that you want to see an associate stylist, when you make your appointment.

Get a Perm or Relaxer with the Trusted Hair Salon in North Bethesda

Our hair salon has been doing thermal relaxing for much longer than most salons in the Washington area. In fact, when we first started the treatment in 2000, it was marketed as the “Magic Relaxer.”

We have a number of stylists who are experts at thermal relaxing treatments, and we would love to answer any questions you have about the service at any time. Plus, we’d love to meet you for a free, no obligation consultation at your convenience. Schedule it here. We’d love to talk with you about our new Brazilian, low and non-formaldehyde, Conditioning Reconstructor technology. This exciting technology is a great addition to our menu of services for all of our clients, especially those interested in relaxer treatments.

We’d love for you to come in and meet our team of artists, who you can trust with a range of services, including makeup, nails, hair color, hair extensions, and beyond. We are a full-service salon that has been continuously ranked Top Salon by Washington magazine for years. We’ve been in business since 1973, and we are one of the largest salons in the area. We are constantly getting awards and accolades in our area, such as ‘Best Salon’, ‘Best Evening Styles’, ‘Best Color Salon’, ‘Top Colour Salon’, ‘Best Extensions Salon’, ‘Best Thermal Relaxers’, and ‘Best of North Bethesda’ by Washingtonian magazine, and American Salon.

Come see what sets us apart from the other salons in the area. We know you’ll enjoy the warm and exciting atmosphere at our top North Bethesda salon, and you’ll be happy you came.

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