The Secret to Gorgeous Lashes From Our Hair Salon in North Bethesda

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Why You Need to Take a Break From Your Mascara

We can all agree that mascara is a staple in our cosmetic routine, but did you know daily use is actually terrible for your eyelashes? If you’re like most women, you simply can not leave the house without a bit of mascara – or can you?

Lash extensions are the trendiest way to safely get gorgeous and glamorous lashes without having to use a prescription serum or harsh and sticky mascaras. Discover why you might want to hold off on using mascara regularly and how a hair salon near you can make your eyelashes look stunning without makeup.

Your Mascara Has an Expiration Date

Mascara is a cosmetic product that expires in a very short amount of time. Bacteria breeds quickly with each use, because air gets in the tube every time you pump your wand. Using dirty and old mascara is a very easy way to get an eye infection.

Most experts agree you should pitch your mascara in the trash at least every three months, if not sooner. This rule applies to eyeliner, too.

Save Money and Time With Lash Extensions

A high-quality tube of name-brand professional-grade mascara can easily cost you up to $100. That’s $50 per month of use, and it doesn’t matter if you use it every day. Getting lash extensions at a hair salon near you will cost you about the same or less than a tube of designer mascara. Plus, you get the experience of relaxing in a salon.

Mascara Mess-Ups Can Lead to Early Aging

Wait – did we say early aging? Yes, we did! The ingredients in mascara are very sticky, which makes mascara extremely hard to remove. So when you need to remove your mascara to re-do it, or are just cleansing the mascara off your lashes after a long day, it takes a little bit of work.

Using harsh makeup removers and constantly rubbing your eyes with your hands or cleansing pads causes wrinkles to form on the skin around your eyes. That’s because the skin around your eyes is extremely thin and very susceptible to damage.

It’s an Easy Clean-Up With Lash Extensions

When you get a lash extension at our hair salon in North Bethesda, you don’t have to worry about putting harsh cleansers in on your eyes. Lash extensions look dark and defined 24/7, and never need to be washed off, which means you can return to using a gentle cleanser to protect your sensitive skin.

Regular Use Is Bad for Each Individual Lash

Using mascara regularly dries out your lashes, and dry eyelashes are unhealthy ones. Dry and brittle lashes break and fall out, which is exactly what you don’t want your mascara to do. In fact, repeated damage to your lashes may cause your lashes to grow slower and slower over time.

Many professional makeup artists and dermatologists recommend taking at least seven days off a month from using mascara. This gives your eyelashes time to regrow and repair.

You Never Have to Worry About Damage From Lash Extensions

When applied by a professional at a salon near you, the adhesive used in lash extensions will never damage your natural eyelash. Lash extension specialists apply each faux mink lash individually to ensure it’s done properly. The result is gorgeous eyelashes that last.

Daily Wear Irritates Your Eyes

Some mascaras are quite fibrous and can easily irritate your eyes. This also disrupts the moisture that smoothly coats your eye. When this coating is disrupted, it causes your eye to dry out quickly, which leads to irritation. Irritated eyes are red and watery, which is not a look you’re going for.

The smooth coating of moisture on your eye helps keep bacteria from causing an infection. This is another reason you should double-check the expiration on your mascara tube.

Lash Extensions Are Safe and Feel Amazing

The faux mink material used in lash extensions is durable, luxurious, and safe. Lash extensions at high-quality hair salons in North Bethesda are provided in an extra clean environment and use surgical grade adhesives that won’t irritate your eyes.

Applying Daily Mascara Takes Time

If you think about it, you spend a lot of time in front of the mirror with your mouth open to help you hold your eye open just right for your mascara wand. Not to mention all the time and money spent on finding a mascara that has the perfect consistency and provides enough pigment for breathtaking lashes!

Worse, no matter how much fiber-building capability the most expensive mascara has, it won’t work on short, stubby lashes.

Head Into Spring With Lash Extensions From Our Hair Salon Near You

Did you know lash extensions last at least six weeks? They work on short and long lashes, and only take a small part of your day for application, too!

Stop wasting your money on mascara that dries out in days and doesn’t provide the results you want. Instead, schedule an appointment for lash extensions at David’s Beautiful People.

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