Thinking About Going Blonde at a Salon Near You?

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Read This First!

You’ve heard it a ton of times before, you need to lighten up! No, not your beautiful personality – your hair! Lightening your hair can bring out your best features and warm up your skin tone. However, it can be quite a task and there are definite risks involved. Look at our best tips for going blonde and why you should skip the DIY bleach kits from the store.

Skip the Box Hair Color From the Store

The first thing you need to know about going blonde is that it doesn’t come from store-bought hair color. In fact, if you’ve applied any kind of color to your hair, at-home coloring kits will not work. That’s because basic hair color doesn’t have the capability to erase previous hair color from your hair in order to deposit a fresh shade of blonde. At our hair salon in North Bethesda, we like to tell our clients – color doesn’t lift color.

In fact, attempting to lighten hair that has been colored with box color will surely result in the roots of your hair turning orange. This is normally when people give up the dream of going blonde, and dump even more box color onto their hair.

Don’t Go for the At-Home Bleach Kits, Either

In theory, painting your hair with a bleach solution seems easy enough, but we’ve all seen enough major fails on the internet to know that isn’t the case. Your hair stylist, especially the ones at our hair salon near you, actually goes through a lot of work to know what kind of bleach you need for your hair.

Here are just a few steps the pros take to make sure your hair looks its best:

  • Examine the density, porosity, and texture of your hair
  • Determine which volume of developer will keep your hair healthy, while also providing lift
  • Advise you on whether to choose a full head of highlights or all-over bleach
  • Meticulously watch your hair under the dryer as it lightens

How Does Bleach Work on Hair, Anyway?

Bleach for hair works by using an alkaline agent that opens up your hair cuticle, which allows an oxidative agent to penetrate your hair’s cortex and dissolve melanin or previous hair color. Melanin is your hair’s natural hair color, and can normally be lifted with hair color. However, only your hair stylist can determine if salon-quality hair color or bleach is right for your hair.

Know the Risks of Bleaching Your Hair at Home

Everyone knows bleach can damage your hair and cause chemical burns on your scalp, but did you know it can also completely break your hair off at the root? Your hair will literally dissolve at the root, if you let the bleach sit too long. Once, it’s gone – it’s gone. That’s why you need to schedule an appointment with a hair stylist. They are the only people who can truly protect your hair and make your blonde look beautiful.

What to Expect When Talking to a Hair Salon Near You About Going Blonde

While our hair stylists don’t think blondes have more fun, we think that all-over-bleach isn’t for everyone. Not because you don’t deserve to go bold with platinum blonde, because we want to make sure your hair stays as healthy as possible. During your consultation, one of our hairstylists will determine if your hair can handle an all-over-bleach, or if a heavy highlight is a better option.

Just because you might not be able to go completely blonde doesn’t mean you won’t look sensational with highlights. Look at the different techniques your hairstylist can perform to ensure your look is uniquely you:


This technique is also known as “foiling.” Your hair stylist uses square pieces of foil and applies bleach from root to end. They leave your natural hair color between each foil to create dimension and depth.


You can get a perfectly sun-kissed shimmer with this technique. It’s a low-maintenance look that grows out nicely and works well with very fine hair.


This highlighting technique stems from the French term “to sweep.” It doesn’t use foil. Your hair stylist actually hand-paints highlights onto your hair for an ultra-seamless look. It’s completely customizable and works with all hair textures.


The classic ombré starts with one color at your roots and fades into another color at the ends of your hair. This technique is very difficult to achieve without experience and training.


As you know, the 90s are back! One of the most notable highlight techniques is making a huge comeback. This fun and nostalgic highlights can be achieved with partial or full highlights, lowlights, and playful peek-a-boo highlights.

The fun part about getting highlights over an all-over-bleach is that they give you the opportunity to change your look from day-to-day. Style your hair in one direction, and your lowlights might take center stage, wear your hair back and your money piece shines, or curl your hair for full on dimension.

Ask Your Stylist About Salon Hair Products to Protect and Maintain Your Blonde

Your hair may look fabulous when you leave the salon chair, but without the proper salon hair products, it won’t last long. Blonde hair needs special shampoo and conditioner to keep your water at home from drying it out and making it look brassy.

Your unique hair texture also requires specific products. So, it’s essential that you ask your hair stylist about which products are right for you, and how to use them at home. Don’t forget to schedule a deep conditioning appointment before you leave our hair salon in North Bethesda.

Bring Out Your Blonde With Our Premiere Hair Salon Near You!

Does it feel like you’ve been bouncing around from salon to salon, only to end up with hair you don’t love? You can stop your search, because David’s Beautiful People has the hair stylists you’ve been looking for!

We can customize your look and help you maintain a healthy glow, so you can shine from spring to summer. To schedule an appointment with one of our hair stylists, call our salon at (301) 881-2540 or contact us online. Ask your stylist about K18, and revolutionary new conditioning treatment for all hair types!