Top Hair Colors for Fall From Your North Bethesda Hair Salon

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Ask a Hair Color Specialist Near You for These Trending Tones

Fall is here, which means cooler temperatures, vibrant leaves, and gloomy days. It also marks the perfect time to brighten up your mood and your look with on-trend hair colors. Whether it’s a completely new look or subtle color refresh, your North Bethesda hair salon is ready to give your tresses a low-maintenance hue.

Don’t book an appointment just yet! Before you do, you’re going to need some insight on what colors will be trending at beauty salons this fall. If you’re looking for some inspiration before you head to a salon near you, we’ve got you covered. In this guide, we’ll be sharing some stunning colors to try this fall – approved by the stylists at our North Bethesda hair salon, David’s Beautiful People!

#1 – Caramel Blonde

If you take great pride in your blonde hair, you don’t have to give it up this fall. Caramel blonde is one of this season’s hottest hair color trends. This warm, rich color gives your hair a sun-kissed glow as it seamlessly blends tones of brown and gold. This look is perfect for anyone wanting to warm up their hair for fall, while still promoting the saying, “blondes have more fun.”

#2- Bronde

Bronde is a great solution for brunettes wanting to give their hair some dimension this fall. The blonde highlights add the illusion of movement throughout the hair and can make your natural color pop. To get a bronde ‘do, just ask your stylist at our North Bethesda hair salon for a bronde balayage. You won’t be disappointed!

#3 – Copper

Copper hair has been everywhere lately, from social media to “ginger” photo filters to salons near you. We aren’t surprised; its orange and red tones make it the perfect hair color for fall. What’s more, it can be tailored to accentuate any skin tone and brings out your facial features. If you have fair skin, strawberry blonde and vibrant copper shades will suit you best. For medium and olive skin tones, opt for red and auburn.

#4 – Dimensional Highlight

A dimensional highlight requires minimal upkeep and is a smart option if you aren’t looking to make a drastic change. This style consists of lightened hair with darker roots, virtually hiding regrowth over time. Dimensional highlights also promote healthier hair, as they require less processing.

#5 – Dark Chocolate

Fall provides the perfect opportunity to experiment with darker shades. Dark chocolate complements medium-dark skin tones and is relatively easy to maintain. When you ask for this deep color at our North Bethesda hair salon, you’ll love the smoothness and richness it adds to your hair. To achieve shinier-looking hair, go for darker shades, as dark colors are naturally more reflective.

#6 – Dusty Rose

Looking to make a statement everywhere you go? Dusty rose is fun, low commitment and the perfect addition to any blonde shade. Its muted pink tone adds color to even the coldest fall days. Consider a dusty rose with a shadow root next time you head to the beauty salon.

#7 – Cherry Cola

Colorful shades aren’t just for blondes! If you’re a brunette wanting to add a pop to your hair, cherry cola could be just what you’re looking for this fall. Our hair color specialists near you are expecting to see an uprise in violet and red shades for brunettes. Cherry cola allows you to add color and dimension to your hair, while still maintaining its dark shade.

#8 – Mushroom

Mushroom tones are highly requested at our salon near you every fall due to their earthy, natural shade. Like its name suggests, this trending color is the same neutral brown that you’d expect from a Portobello mushroom. This coloring begins with an ashy brown base and beige blonde lowlights are used to add dimension and produce that natural-looking tone.

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