Trendy Hair Colors for the Fall Season


The evidence of fall is all around us. As the season brings changing colors, foliage, and temperatures, it’s also a time to change up your look with a new haircut and style. David’s Beautiful People is the number one North Bethesda hair salon for all of your professional hair coloring and conditioning needs. Let our expert hair stylists guide you in creating the perfect fall look that meets your facial features, lifestyle, hair type, and beauty goals.

Gain inspiration by discovering these trendy hair colors for the fall season below. Then, visit our salon in North North Bethesda, MD and let our team give you the gorgeous, vibrant color you deserve. Let’s start with this season’s top organic colors and then we’ll explore more eclectic options:

Organic Colors

Sometimes, going to a hair salon to get professional hair coloring is about bringing out and enhancing your natural hair color. And the fall season brings fashion changes which will change what you’re wearing on a daily basis. Taking this into account, our hair stylists ask you questions about your wardrobe, style preferences, and looks that you want.

Also, the length of your hair, the cut, and the product you use will affect the final aesthetic. So when consulting with our style and color experts, don’t be afraid to ask for any combination you want. Here are some trendy fall colors that focus on organic tones:

Amber Brunette

Starting with your natural dark hair color, our stylist can lighten the layers of your hair gradually. With light layers that blend in to your dark roots, you’ll achieve an interesting look that isn’t stale or monochromatic. Of course, using premium products is key to strengthening your hair bonds and maintaining the shine after your coloring.

Throwback Blond

If you’re missing the summer rays, you can always enhance your natural blonde color with the right treatment and cut. The correct use of contouring and shade selection is key to maintaining a natural, enhanced look that will turn heads wherever you go.

Fire Red

During the fall and winter months, your natural red hair may lose some of its saturation and glow. With an expert hair stylist at your side, however, you can regain your natural color and enjoy rich, vibrant reds all year round. Ask our stylists for their advice on hair length and styling to ensure it fits your outfits and your personality.

Layered Platinum

This smart color is the perfect way to maintain your hair’s lightness and make it pop against fall color palettes. The layering of different shades achieves an organic color that is both contrasting and elegant at the same time. Just because we receive less sunlight this time of year doesn’t mean you can’t recapture that summer shine!

Dark Brunette

Enjoy color contours that lighten sections of your hair while bringing out the richness of your roots. The key is in having your stylist help you pick out a shade that you’re comfortable with that also enhances brightness. Instead of dull, drab hair, you’ll have color and shine!

Special Colors

You can’t go wrong by bringing out your hair’s inner beauty with natural tones. However, at David’s Beautiful people, we have been privileged to provide professional coloring for virtually every hair shade imaginable. The fall season can be a time for change and new discoveries. So consider spicing things up with one of these trendy, eclectic color choices:

Deep Purple

With shades of violet, blue, and even silver, this hair color is one of the most trendy choices this fall! If you have a light hair color, we can help you darken the roots to achieve the dark, sultry effect you’re going for. This color looks great worn up or down. Consider changing your hair texture and styling with a perm or relaxing agent, which our hair professionals can recommend for your needs.

Marvelous Magenta

This wavy look is almost other-worldly. Consider extensions and additional hair treatment to provide the volume and length for layers upon layers of pink and violet. This color goes perfectly with the warm hues that the fall brings, while allowing you to express your unique personality.

Aqua Blue

Deep blues and turquoise swirls define this exciting fall hairstyle. Whether you pair it with a blowout, perm, or other styles, it’s sure to set you apart from the crowd. Be sure to consult with your stylist about cosmetics that can complement this color based on your current style, facial features, and needs.

Pretty Pink

What’s not to love about pink? With this color choice, you get multiple layers of gorgeous light, dark, and medium pink shades that make you feel energetic and unique all through the fall.

Magenta and Teal

If one color isn’t enough, a combination is the way to go. With this color combo, you get the benefits of warm and cool that provide balance so you can wear anything in your wardrobe with confidence. It goes especially well with monochromatic clothing that brings your exciting new color to the forefront.

Dark Red

By mixing in layers of black, brunette, and shimmering reds, this look gives you a deep and sexy confidence. Use dark clothing to bring out the deeper layers while experimenting with cosmetics that enhance your red hues even more.

Shining Silver

This is one of the more popular colors among influencers and celebs this fall. The silver and white layers offer a neutral yet exotic palette. You can wear anything with this hair color, plus it provides the illusion of a tan during fall months when the sun is more scarce.

When it comes to choosing your ideal hair color, there are a lot of factors to consider. Your unique hair type, facial shape, facial features, and lifestyle preferences all come into play. Luckily, no matter what you’re looking for, our North Bethesda hair salon has it all. Our brilliant stylists work with you to create a beautiful, trendy haircut and style that suits the fall season.

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