What Hair Extensions Are Available for Me at David’s?


Do you have short hair, and you’re interested in making a temporary change? Maybe you’re looking into hair extensions for a special occasion, or you want to test them out for a new look. Whatever reason you’re looking for hair extensions near me, you’ll be pleased to find a number of options to suit your needs and style at David’s Beautiful People in North Bethesda, MD.

You can get the thick, long hair you’ve always wanted, with the help of our professional, renowned stylists. Our salon is the first to bring human hair extensions to the greater Washington area, more than 24 years ago, and we’re the highly-trained experts you can turn to, when you want to add volume and a revitalizing look to your current hairstyle. Our stylists even train other stylists across the country, in the European technique of hair extension.

When you’re considering hair extensions, we can help you with a number of different hair extensions, and we can help you choose which one is best for you. Whether you have short, long, thick, or thin hair, our hair extensions are sure to exceed your expectations and give you a look that is a fun, temporary change to your normal style. Here’s what type of extensions we can apply to your hair at our award-winning salon in North Bethesda.

Hair Extension Options Available at David’s in North Bethesda

Hair extensions at David’s Beautiful People in North Bethesda are unique, because unlike at many salons, they don’t require glues, waxes, plaiting, or sewing. They are a healthy, safe way to make non-permanent changes to your hair. We have a variety of types of hair extensions, including:

Hot Bond (loose hair)
$350 per bundle/25 grams
Hot bond hair extensions at David’s come in a variety of colors, and you’ll choose the number of bundles you want in your hair, based on the thickness of hair you desire. They are placed in your hair by a heating element that safely bonds your hair with the extensions. They are bonded close to the root of your hair, while allowing the same natural movement as you had before.

Premium Links
$400 per 25 pieces or $16 each
Our premium link hair extensions require no glue and are reusable. These are great for our clients who don’t want to commit to wearing extensions on a daily basis. They are the perfect solution for special occasions and special events, and you can easily take them out before you go to bed.

Individual Extensions
$15 per piece
Individual extensions are great for David’s clients with already long or thick hair, because there isn’t as great of a need for lots of extensions. These are small extensions that can add a hint of additional color or subtle length for a new look.

Sandwich Weft
$25 each + $25 to install / $25 to reinstall each sandwich weft
Sandwich weft extensions are applied to your hair in rows that are two to four inches wide, rather than as individual strands. They are taped into our clients’ hair, using the double-sided polyurethane tape. They are applied to our clients’ hair, by removing the back side of one extension set and sandwiching another to the hair on the other side.

Hairdreams Quikkies
16-inch: $44 each / 20-inch: $55 each
David’s Hairdreams Quikkies are made with 100% human hair and can be used several times over a four to six month period. Hairdreams Quikkies are made with tiny, self-adhesive strips with human hair attached, allowing you to have fast, gentle, and long-lasting hair extensions. Additionally, this type of extension is flat, flexible, and durable, and it easily conforms to our clients’ hair. Hairdreams Quikkies are gently applied with very few tools needed.

How Hair Extensions Work at David’s

When you’re considering getting hair extensions at David’s in North Bethesda, you’ll be wondering how the process works and how you need to care for them. Are they any different than normal hair? Do they require more maintenance? How does the appointment go? Does it matter if I have short or long hair?

We’ll help you choose which extensions are right for you. Whether you have short, medium-length, or longer hair, we’ve got options for you. Our hair extension appointments can take as little as three hours, and one of our highly-trained stylists will lengthen, thicken, and highlight your hair, during the process, until you’re completely satisfied with your look.

Once your hair is done, you’ll be wondering about how to care for them in the following weeks and months. Our hair extensions typically last around three months, and they require no additional maintenance. You only need to care for them like your normal hair. Our clients love that they can get such a fresh look without any additional maintenance, with the help of our wide range of hair extensions.

A Special Note About Making Your Appointment

For our hair extension appointments, a $200 deposit is required to reserve your appointment time. This deposit amount will be deducted from your ticket total on the day of your extension service. If you need to cancel your appointment, a 72-hour cancellation notice is necessary to avoid forfeiting your deposit.

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Our highly trained, renowned stylists are ready to help you with you new hair extensions, whether you’re a first-time hair extensions client, or you are looking for a new type of hair extension for a fresh look. We’d love to help you select the right extensions for you, in addition to cutting, styling, and dying your hair. Our professionals are ready to get you the look you want. Book an appointment online, call 301-881-2540, or contact us on our website today to get started!

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