Why Hair Cuts and Styling at a Top-Rated Salon are Better


And what our customers actually say about David’s Beautiful People.

It is amazing what a quality haircut and styling job can do to your self-confidence. We love bringing out the best of everyone who walks into David’s Beautiful People. The smiles, the confidence, the renewed feeling of beauty – oh what a new haircut can do!

David’s Beautiful People is a top-rated salon in North North Bethesda, Maryland where clients feel like family and they leave feeling beautiful.

What makes a top-rated salon different?

An obsession for detail and stylists who love their job. Superior customer service means attention to detail – it is an art and a science. The art is our secret, but our stylists learn the science and technique because we invest $50,000-$60,000 into training and trips to fashion and style capitals of the world to give our clients the best the industry has to offer.

What you cannot teach is how to be nice to people. We hire stylists born to make others happy. At a top-rated hair salon, a haircut is more than the cuts the scissors make – it’s about getting to know every client’s personality, lifestyle, and style desires and translating that into a haircut, new hair color, manicure or pedicure, and/or make-up for a refreshing look everyday or even, The Big Day.

Our science is also in our customer service technology. We have information from each of your visits accessible in our computers so if the stylist who usually cuts and/or colors your hair is not there, our other stylists have your information at hand.

Not to mention, treating people like the superstars they are means making our clients feel special. Complimentary coffee, tea, hot chocolate, water, and snacks are easy, but our clients really start to feel like royalty with a free head and neck massage while our associates shampoo and wash your hair. By the time you get to the chair with our stylists, your troubles have washed down the drain.

What makes a top-rated haircut and style different?

Besides creating an atmosphere that feels like paradise, we must make our clients feel happy with their hair when they walk out of the salon and just as happy with it weeks later.

Our stylists know everyone is unique. They create looks that best match our clients’ individual personalities, hair type, face shape, and lifestyle. Are you a professional without much time to style your hair? Gardening or outdoors enthusiast? Mom looking to change things up? Have damaged hair? Our experts can offer easy-to-follow tips to care for a new hairdo. We know how to dress a hairstyle up or down in minutes.

At David’s Beautiful People, we provide verified hair care products that help you feel spectacular for weeks after your haircut.

First time going to David’s Beautiful People? You can choose from seeing an Artistic Director, Designer, or Associate. Either way, we treat everyone, first time or long time client, like family.

Sissy G., a valued customer since 2002, says:

“Coming to David’s has always been a wonderful experience. I started to come at least 25 years ago. I am so looking forward to my next appointment on Oct. 5th when Val will color my hair and David will cut it. It has been over a year since I lost my hair due to Ovarian Cancer and it is finally ready for a great color and cut that only David and Val can do. I Love This Salon!!!”

Hair Color is better at a top-rated salon.

Our professionals can draw out your natural color, create a radical new look, or treat damaged hair. Every appointment we discuss your expectations, desires, and what we can do for you. Our experts are trained in many hair coloring techniques. But don’t listen to us, see what our clients have to say.

Lee K., a valued customer since 2016, says: “First, Enrique is superb, and I am lucky to have found him after I moved here recently. He is an expert in the art of color and takes plenty of time to consult with the client about just what is wanted. I needed a Deva haircut and he’s the man! Staff is warm, welcoming and helpful.”

Want a Perm, Relaxer, or Keratin treatment done right?

Come to a salon where stylists know what they are doing. At David’s Beautiful People, we’ve been doing Thermal Relaxing since 2000. We offer a complimentary consultation with every Perm service, and Air Oxidized Perms for sensitive hair.

Our NANO Keratin Treatment can turn the worst (coarse, frizzy, wavy) hair into extremely manageable, beautiful hair.

Faith G., a customer since 2002, says it best: “David’s perms and cuts are terrific!!”

And Deb W.’s story strikes a chord with us – we see this too much: “I had an awful experience at another salon after having my hair relaxed. David listened to my story and suggested a Keratin treatment with Morgan. She did an awesome job and the texture of my hair looked totally different when she was done.” Deb W. has been coming to see us since 2016!

Our Advanced Hair Treatments

Say you want more than a haircut and color. We have the professional capabilities and expertise in advanced hair treatments.

We were the first to bring human hair extensions to the Greater Washington Area and East Coast. Our stylists have perfected this European technique. It is a safe way to add volume, lengthen hair, and highlight hair without a permanent change. No glue, waxes, plaiting or sewing – just treat your extensions like your natural hair and it will last an average of 3 months.

We also offer Evolve, a natural solution for those suffering fine, thinning hair or people suffering hair loss. Evolve is 100% hand-tied human hair that lasts 4-5 weeks and requires no glue, tape, adhesives, medications, or surgery for a full head of hair. This is a life changing experience.

Get personal care, professional haircuts and styling, and a renewed look at David’s Beautiful People. Schedule an appointment today! Call 301-881-2540 or schedule online here.